Send Nothing or Else!

Have you ever received a disconnect notice for owing a balance of $0.00? Rich and Alisa got one from Comcast. They're not quite sure how best to resolve the problem. The entire letter is posted at Consumerist. Commenters suggested sending a check for $0.00, or sending a check for a few cents and then demanding a refund. Link -via NYC Educator

Oh come on! Have some fun with this: Write them a letter disputing the debt. Call up accounting and demand to talk with a supervisor. Send them a check for no dollars and no cents then call and tell them the check is in the mail. Heck, call them up without sending the check and tell them the check is in the mail.

Or, just pay the current bill and laugh at them without harassing anyone.
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Having had to deal with a similar situation - just write the check for zero dollars. Then pray that the bank does not screw it up.
It is going to be a headache no matter which way you try to deal with it.
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I am in the middle of a similar thing, Rogers is threatening to cut off a cell phone I don't have anymore, for a bill of -23.08... someone called me and said that I needed to pay the bill, I said I would be happy to, how much was it... knowing that it was negative... she laughed... but then a month later I got another past due notice.
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@Donovan -

I had the same experience, a negative bill from MCI that for whatever reason managed to become a postive. So I ended up having a credit of $40, to owing $40. When I complained, they refunded me $40! Then I had to explain in great length why they still owe me another $40 ...
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Well it's not exactly like this, but a couple months ago, my husband got a bill for $800 from Alltel.... a service he had canceled YEARS before. The 800 was for back payment from when he canceled until when he got the bill.
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