Scary Statistics: 53% of Young Latinas Got Pregnant in Their Teens

The stereotype has always been there, but a recent study by the National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy provided a hard number to the startling phenomenon of teen pregnancy in the American Latino communities: 53% of young Latina get pregnant in their teens, twice the national average:

In 2007, the birth rate among non-Hispanic whites ages 15 to 19 was 27.2 per 1,000, and 64.3 per 1,000 for non-Hispanic black teens in the same age range. The teen birth rate among Hispanic teens ages 15 to 19 was 81.7 per 1,000. [...]

Three-quarters of Latino teens said their parents have talked to them about sex and relationships, but only half said their parents discussed contraception.

The survey also found that:

• 74 percent of Latino teens believe that parents send one message about sex to their sons and a different message altogether to their daughters, possibly related to the Latino value of machismo.

• Latino teens believe that the most common reason teens do not use contraception is that they are afraid their parents might find out.

Moni Basu of CNN has more on the findings: Link

Which end of teens makes a difference - there's a world of difference between thirteen and nineteen. Neither is great as an age to start having kids, but one's far far worse than the other.
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50 percent got pregnant but less than 10% go on to have the baby / Reading between the lines, that is that what this says! So the real headline should be something like "40 percent of young couples are running around like dogs in heat and trashing their newborn", welcome to pro choice brave new world where people can choose to have standards no better than animals.
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Whites and blacks make up the higher numbers of teens actually getting PREGNANT. But Latinos have higher rates of giving LIVE BIRTHS because, abortion is less accepted in the Latino community. Other groups have just as many teens getting pregnant, they are just more likely to have abortions.
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Stacey, that's why we need proper sex education. Outlawing abortion won't change people's sex drive.

By the way, the plural of Latina is Latinas.
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stacey, I don't see where you get "less than 10% go on the have the baby". If you are using the birthrate per year, that does NOT reflect the "53% get pregnant in their teens", because a girl's teen years cover more than one year.
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miss cellania- i love you.

stacey- i get the feeling you didn't actually read any of that, you just busted out the soap box.
people are biologically programmed to want to be sexually active, especially when they're young and in the best health. but you have to remember that our populations were very small when we were carving out an existance for ourselves. life has changed a lot for us in a short amount of time, and biology is still trying to catch up. we've got a lot of sex drive and a lot of people making it out of childhood that wouldn't have 10,000 years, heck, even 100 years ago. all that sex drive nowadays turns into a massive population boom that quite frankly, we can barely support.
if you want thousands of children born to unwilling, and unable parents to be raised who-knows-how, that's your opinion- but keep in mind that (whether you believe it or not) evolution pushes us to produce more offspring than our ecosystem can support simply for the best possible genetic outcome.
my best advice to you is to worry about living the best life you can, and keeping your nose out of other people's business.
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As someone who's lived in the southwest for years off and on,
I can attest to the fact that teen pregnancy is encouraged in the Latino
community - have seen mothers of teens put the expectation/pressure of pregnancy onto a teen so that the girl will bring home a bambino to "gramma" to raise. To a degree this also happens in the black community.
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its a strange thing.
every girl in my family has had at least one kid before they turned 19.
i turned 19 last thursday.
no babies yet.
but i'm gay so that might have something to do with it.
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As a person of Latin American origin, I can attest that culture and religion influence the high pregnancy rates. However, I would say the biggest contributing factor is that the majority of Hispanic men are not taught that condoms are a pre-coital necessity, and a most Hispanic women are not taught to be assertive enough to demand them.

@ Madcap, bambinos are for Italian people, and grammas are for Americans. Hispanic women have "bebes", and a grandmother is an "abuela".
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Teenage pregnancy is just one of those great experiences that will allow these women to have the wisdom needed to make better decisions than white men. It has been proven that only minorities have experiences in life that give them experience.

And then, if lucky, be chosen based on gender and race and not merit, to legislate from the bench in the highest court of the United States.
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Looking at this stat and the overall immigration situation, I think things are really going to come to a head in two to three decades. Huge swaths of this country are populated by people who can't speak the main language of this country...(English by the way!) Thanks to satellite tv, cable and 10,000 tv stations catering to every language group, a person can move to this country and never need to learn to speak or write English, increasing the chances of the eventual break up of this country. I can imagine a future where the country breaks up into three or even four semi-autonomous zones, which means that we will end up a third rate world power, because China, which by the way has survived being such a huge colossus because of their imposition of language acquisition on their people, will end up being the Hyper-power eventually.
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