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Neatorama Mystery Sale Update

Phew! It's. Finally. Done! It's Friday before Memorial Day and we've packed and shipped out every single orders of the latest Mystery Sale. (Thank you to everybody who participated - You've really helped support the blog!)

It has taken us just a little over two weeks to ship, which is a significant improvement over the Mystery Sale back in February. While many of you got your shipments within just a few days, some of you are still waiting. The latest wave of shipments will take a few business days to arrive (a bit longer if you're outside of the United States because of customs clearance). I appreciate your patience - your packages are on their way! Meanwhile, we'll continue to work to improve the item selections and shipping time.

Many of you have gotten Adam Koford's latest book, the Laugh-Out-Loud Cats Sell Out. At the list price of $12.95, it's a steal! Plus, be sure to check the front jacket - Adam has kindly signed a Neatorama book plate you can affix to the book. It's surely going to be a collector's item! ;)

I've been slacking on my posting duties on Neatorama - so, I'm looking forward to getting back on that horse ... after I catch my breath!

Since I'm not even going to get my hopes up for the big items you posted, I hope I get the book! I'm hoping for a book or something mental_floss. We'll see!
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ok,, maybe i've just missed it.. but how do you get in on the mystery sales???
I know it goes towards the site, which I love btw, but I only ever see the posts when the sale is done, and I'd like to contribute a little, and maybe get some cool stuff.... hmmmm
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helimx, it's random and isn't open for very long. I managed to catch this one, and I'm still waiting for the 3 things I bought. Can't wait to see what I got. I would love neatorama forever if I got a PSP. Ok, I'll love Neatorama forever regardless. But still.
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Ugh. This is the eighth time I've tried to post the same message.

We ordered two gifts. 1 had LOL Cats, an issue of Mental Floss. The second had Squirrel Underpants....weird but pretty funny. Can't wait for the next one.
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dang i didnt spot this in time either... just out of curiousity though how many people did actually get one of the nice big shiney prizes? can anyone confirm that they got one of the goodies?
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I told my younger sister about this mystery sale after I bought one for her for the last sale. She bought herself one this time and got the LOL cats book. She likes it. Now I'm just waiting on the two I ordered.
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Got the cats book. Inane drivel which makes no sense.
Makes a good coaster though. My last mystery foray.
Hurts to see the good stuff others received, and i got this stupid book.
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@geekazoid - bacon jellybeans! I love those things!

@Kyle Kriz - if you ordered two separate times, then they get packed and shipped separately. But if you order two items on a single order, you should've received them in the same shipment. Please email me and I'll take a look.

@barbara - yes, we do ship to the UK.

Given the backlash against the strawz last time, it seems that we've done a lot better on this Mystery Sale! And please check the book - they should all contain authentic autographed plates, signed by Adam Koford himself.
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Hate it when people complain. This is better then gambeling cause you're bound to get something. I've done three of the last for sales and I've always got the "lower prizes", if you will, and I love them. Still use the flashlight/laser pointer pen. Can't wait to see what I got.
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Bought two items and got the LOL Cats book, squirrel underpants and Mental Floss mag. The mag is cool and I'll find something interesting to do with the underpants but I'm not into LOL Cats so anyone who truly wants it can have it if they pay for shipping. (It should be around $10 to anywhere in the US with a USPS flat rate box.) As for the autograph of Alex? I'll save that in case he becomes famous (or infamous) and sell it on eBay. =D
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I got the book and was really happy with it. My daughter (9) has claimed it though and taken it to school with her every day since it showed up in the mail. Sorry to the people who dislike the book . . . we think it is awesome. :)
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My sister and I each did it, and both got the LOLcats book a few days ago. I LOVED it,, not so much. But hey, that's the game, right?

(I'm actually more jealous of those that got the squirrel underpants than the big prizes, but that's another matter entirely...)

Anyway, I'm glad I finally caught a Mystery Sale in time, thanks for a lovely surprise and a lot of fun!
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what % of people who bought a mystery box got the lolcats book? i got one too. i know it's a mystery sale, but when the results come out, it feels more like a lolcat book + squirrel u-pants sale :( i love the concept of fukubukuro, but only when there's more variety. anybody ever win a bag of crap over at
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I tried once and got a piece of junk pen - serious piece of junk - a t-shirt would have been fine but some useless crap pen was appalling. not worth the effort, not again.
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Alex, maybe next time you shouldn't post pictures of the most expensive prizes that could possibly be won in the mystery sales, lol.

It is clearly stated that it is a mystery sale and you get what you get (and what you get is at least equal to but never less than what you actually pay for). And not everyone will get the big prize, same as a bingo or anything else that you pay into. The big difference being there's a good chance you won't win anything at all. Here you get something at least.

So please stop the whining because you didn't get a PSP for goodness sakes. If you don't want to play fine don't no need to cry about it.

Now off my high horse.
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@Raul - Sorry about that! We used to ship to Mexico, but half of the shipments never arrive (and shipping replacements get really, really expensive), so we stopped shipping there. It's too bad, because we have quite a few good customers in Mexico.

@Frau - yes, Adam numbered his autographed plates. Now, who has the highest number? ;)
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I am completely unsurprised to have received, for my order of two, the LolCats book, squirrel underpants, and a mental_floss magazine. I like them all, but I agree with the above posters that there should have been more variety. I would have had more fun with some surprise and anticipation.
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I got the LOLCats book, too. Not something I really want, yet totally worth it for the fun. :)

Any ballpark idea of when the next mystery sale will be? I'll definitely buy something again!
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Yeah! Finally got my package in the mail and am so happy to have gotten a copy of the LOL Cats book. My husband loves them so it will be a great gift for Father's Day. Also got some squirrel underpants. I have no idea which one of my squirrels to pick to wear them. I might just throw them in the yard and watch them fight over them.
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OMG!!! Neatorama rocks. This is the second time I've caught the mystery sale before it was over. The first time i got this awesome pen/stylus/laser/flashlight. This time I bought 6 and got 3 rockin neatorama t-shirts, a packman oven mitt wich my girlfriend loves, the crime scene scarf, and finally a freaking ipod touch. I can't wait for the next one. Thanks a bunch.
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Lolcats (#347), Squirrel underroos, Mental Floss magazine (which I already had a subscription to)... please try harder next time, Neatorama. More variety would make these comments much more interesting to read.
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Just wondering if anyone from Canada has received their package yet. Been waiting and checking the mail with eager anticipation and still nothing today :(
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I have to agree with mlaird. I was disapointed with the Squirrel underwear. The Mental Floss mag is getting a read, but the underwear went straight to a friend who just took them for their 'strangeness' value. I don't know if I'll be doing it again, esp as I considered it my birthday present to myself. I'm sure others got great stuff though and are really enjoying their things.
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