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Six Roller Coaster Records

I love a good roller coaster. It doesn't have to have a million inverts and upside downs or be the fastest for me to like it - I mean, I'll take those too, but I really just enjoy any roller coaster. Here are a few that stand out from the pack for their records in height, speed, or nudity. Yes, nudity. Enjoy!

Oldest Operating Wooden Coaster in the U.S.

Leap-the-Dips at Lakemont Park in Altoona, Pennsylvania, was in operation for 83 years before closing in 1985. Many people thought that was the end of Leap-the-Dips, but people rallied to bring the coaster back and managed to raise enough money to have the old girl restored. It re-opened Memorial Day weekend, 1999, meaning that it has now been in operation for a total of 93 years. Leap-the-Dips isn't going to impress anyone with its speed (the fastest it gets is about 18 mph) or its crazy tricks, but it definitely has the nostalgia factor and people form huge lines just to ride it. Want to give it a shot but doubt you'll be making it to Pennsylvania anytime soon? Try the virtual experience:

Oldest Operating Steel Coaster

Fellow Disneyphiles already know this - it's the Matterhorn at Disneyland. It opened on June 14, 1959, about four years after Disneyland first opened its gates. Disney apparently got the idea when he visited Switzerland to film the movie Third Man on the Mountain. Although the Matterhorn has gone through a few renovations over the years, the operating mechanisms really haven't changed. What was probably the biggest refurbishment took place in 1978 and was really just to theme the ride better. Prior to the renovation, the inside of the ride wasn't very impressive - it was just barely disguised as rock, but that was about it. The '78 redo made the inside look like ice tunnels and caves.

Fastest and Tallest Wooden Coaster

Son of Beast takes both of these title, and it also happens to be the wooden roller coaster with the biggest drop. This makes sense, since the point of the high spots of most roller coasters is to send riders plummeting dramatically. Son of Beast is at King's Island near Cincinnati and is billed as the sequel to the same park's "The Beast" rollercoaster, which, incidentally, is the longest wooden roller coaster in the world. Son of Beast reaches a maximum height of 218 feet and drops 214 feet, reaching speeds of up to 78 mph. Not bad! Up until 2006, it was also the only wooden roller coaster in the world to incorporate a loop. The loop was removed in December 2006, ostensibly to ensure that they could use lighter trains. But after an incident that caused 27 injuries to riders just a few months earlier, you have to wonder if the loop was deemed unsafe. Photo via Shawn Kay of Coasterglobe.

Most Inversions

That particular honor goes to the Colossus at Thorpe Park in Surrey, England, with a total of 10 inversions. Well, technically the Colossus is tied for the honor with the Tenth Ring Roller Coaster at Chimelong Paradise in China, but that ride is an exact replica of the Colossus so I'm not sure it counts. Here's what it looks like if you're in the front seats:

Most Naked Riders

You gotta love this one, and yes, the Guinness Book of World Records confirmed it. In 2004, 32 people consented to ride the Nemesis roller coaster in at Alton Towers in England buck naked. "Why?" would be a suitable question, and it appears the only answer is, "To break the previous record." Before that, the Nemesis Inferno at Thorpe Park held the record for nude riders with 28. No video of that one... Sorry! Photo via ThemeParkReview.

First Rollercoaster with a Vertical Drop

VERTICAL vertical. Not "pretty straight down," but literally straight down. This first goes to the Oblivion, also at Alton Towers. The steel coaster opened in 1998, and it's not the fastest or the highest - at 68 feet tall, it's a a third of the height of Son of Beast. But what it lacks in height, it makes up for in adrenaline rush. The cars actually plummet into a tunnel into the ground, as you might imagine, but that doesn't make it any less scary when you're sitting at the top of the plunge.

What's your favorite roller coaster? They're definitely not death-defying, but I love Disney coasters. The zero-to-sixty in less than three seconds of the Aerosmith Rock 'n' Roller Coaster delights me every time, and Space Mountain is actually terrifying if you've ever seen it with the lights turned on - the tracks are so close together it's a wonder no one has lost a hand from putting their arms in the air during the ride. The only roller coaster to ever make me sick was the Sidewinder at Hersheypark in Hershey, Pa. It sends you backward through some rolls and loops and I just couldn't deal with the backward motion. Share your experiences in the comments!

After playing the first video, you can see it says that it was filmed for

Thinking it was a site of POV rollercoaster rides, I went there.

It was not.

Far from it.

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Lesser known but Thunder Road at Carowinds (NC/SC park) is a classic wooden coaster which started offering a backwards ride which races another forward train. Try consecutive rides in the front and back seats of each coaster..I'm still in a haze.

Best coaster trip is still Cedar Point in Sandusky, OH. They offer more than 15 coasters...get there early!
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I can't do roller coasters. I've been skydiving, which was great (and my wife brings that up every time I won't go on a coaster with her: "But you went skydiving!"), but something about roller coasters terrifies me.
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I love any coaster where you're suspended, rather that sitting on top of the track. The ride is much more fluid and fun. I was surprised to really enjoy the Superman: The Escape ride, which is just 12 seconds of 0-100 and straight up, using magnet technology.
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I'm old enough to remember the Matterhorn before they spiffed it up. Outside it looked cool. The interior was disappointing- it was obvious you were in a man made structure with a skeleton of steel. Rather surprising for Disneyland, which is usually a master at disguising anything out of place.
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Of all the parks I've been to, Hershey Park in Pennsylvania has to top the list. Acre per Acre, they've got the best damn rides in America. "Storm Runner" for crazy acceleration and vertical drop. "The WildCat" for new wood speed, tight turns and centrifugal force. "Great Bear" for steel-rails, suspension seats, twists and a one of a kind ~ROAR~. The log flume for tsunami waves on a hot summer day. They've even got the original "Super Duper Looper". And of course my favorite "The Comet" for old wooden glory, nicknamed the Vomit Comet. I'm convinced it's about to fall apart on every ride!
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I live near Canada's Wonderland, previously owned by Paramount and currantly owned by Cedar point (the place has been passed around a few times). It's no Busch Gardens (best BBQ ever had in a theme park, good beer too), but it's still fun and convinent to get a seasons pass for the summertime. Oh, and the funnel cakes! NOM NOM NOM.
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The Beast at Kings Island hands down, but there is a trick to it. You wait until sunset when it's just getting dark and you snag the very front seat. At the bottm of the first hill the coster speeds into a hole/tunnel and on top of the entrance sits a brick wall. If you time it just right the setting shadows hide the entrance and creates this cool optical illusion where it looks like you're hurtling straight into the brick wall!

Another great coaster is The Volcano at Kings Dominion. The Volcano features a "reverse hill" where instead of slowly going up to come back down fast you shoot straight up at lightening speeds then go slowly down the first small hill before you hit all the twisty turny goodness. The best part is watching all the jaws drop of the people in line who've never been there before when they see that fist coaster "whooosh" straight up in mer seconds!
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Kingda Ka at Six Flags in Jackson, NJ is the most amazing ride I've ever been on ever in my existence. My boyfriend took me for my birthday last year and he would only ride on it once with me because he is (the love of my life) a p*ssy. Tallest coaster in the US, if I'm not mistaken.
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Who's to say people haven't lost hands on Space Mountain? Disney is very up tight about their image so why would they say someone lost a hand on one of their biggest attractions?
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Can't believe no one has mentioned X2 at Magic Mountain- the best coaster in existence. Being tall and fast won't beat out this thrill of a ride- first "4D" coaster now updated with music, fog, lights, and fire action! The first drop of X2 is hands down the most terrifying drop you'll experience on a rollercoaster: not only is it 200 feet high and like Oblivion, 90 degrees vertical, but you are hanging off the edge of the track, coming down the drop from behind, and having your cart spin backwards mid-way down the drop. No experience like it. Go watch a POV of it. Yes it looks amazing, but the feeling is incomparable.
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I actually live near the leep the dips, but in my 13 years of living in the area, i have never gone on it, and the scarriest rollercoster ive ever been on is the phonex at knobels.
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I agree with Kara with the Cedar Point in Ohio!!! When my sister and I were growing up my parents used to take us to a different theme park every summer because we LOVED roller coasters! to this day i will say the best roller coaster i have EVER been on was Millenium Force, from Cedar Point in Ohio, look it up...its crazy!
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Holiday World has 2 of the yop 10 wooden roller coasters (Includinf #1) as well as a water park listed in the top grabdsons LOVE this parking,soft drinks and sun block .
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The record for the oldest steel rollercoaster is incorrect. The oldest steel rollercoaster still running to this day predates the Matterhorn by 10 years, and there are at least 5 rollercoasters that are older than the Matterhorn.

the Matterhorn is the first TUBULAR steel track rollercoaster.

the oldest steel rollercoaster would be the kiddie rollercoaster at Magic Mountain which was built in 1946 and is the original Bradley & Kaye kiddie coaster.

And near Knotts is a steel coaster that is older than the Matterhorn running today.
(this one was built in the early 50s)
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The diamond back at kings island near cincinnati ohio is new this year (2009), and it by far the smoothest most adrenaline rushed coaster ive been on.
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THORPE PARK, home to the world’s most terrifying rollercoaster, SAW – The Ride, is set to become the ultimate theme park experience for thrill seekers in 2010, with the launch of SAW Alive, an extreme year round live action horror maze. It is situated in east England. It has more spaces for enjoyment. Some Riding are really Horriable we can not imazine it unique ness
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