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Helping Geeks Meet Women

As the mangled saying goes and TIME Magazine proclaimed, the geek shall inherit the Earth ... but they have a little bit of trouble meeting women. So Neumont University, a computer-science only school, decided to help them along by requiring courses in interpersonal communications and even creating social clubs:

Cameron Murray, a leather jacket-wearing 20-year-old from Cleveland, estimates that the gender ratio is one woman in a billion (it's actually 1 in 20). What's more, he complains, the women at Neumont "are more like dudes with long hair," which hurts the dating scene.

Eager to flirt, he and eight other members of a student group known as the Gentlemen's Order moseyed down to a mall recently and split into teams to see who could get the most phone numbers from women. The eager Lotharios wandered from food court to department store and back again, spending an afternoon in search of potential dates.

The sum total of their efforts: a single number.

"We got shot down as hell -- it was horrible," Murray said.

Alana Semuels of the Los Angeles Times' Column One has the story, that for many of us, I'm sure, hit close to home. Too close. Link (Photo: Wally Skalij / LA Times)

There is a Seduction Community on the internet. And these geek guys did the best recommended thing, talk to stranger women. Most 'normal' guys don't even get to this.
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"The Gentlemen's Order is one of five social clubs launched in September. Administrators refer to the orders as fraternities without the alcohol."

Quick fix.
1. Stop calling yourself 'the gentlemen's order'.
2. Buy some alcohol.

Point 2 has worked remarkably well for generations of collage students, why are they trying to re-invent the wheel here?
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If you look like a stereotypical nerd you are going to have problem getting the hot chicks. The hot chicks are hot because they take care of their looks and go to the gym. They tend to want guys that do the same.
Maybe going for a chick with your kind of habits and interests would have a better chance of success ...
But ofc they are not as hot...
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The funny thing about being a nerd is that you find any excuse to feel insecure about yourself - and during those lucid moments of bravado you strike out but fail miserably. This provides another excuse to pull back into your shell.

Any young nerd who honestly wants to change things should consider:

1) You've spent most of your life inside your own head. The thing is, most people are not going to understand, much less appreciate it. The key of social interaction is be able to interact and appreciate the world outside your head.

2) This means that a girl will very likely not be interested in talking about computers, Dungeons and Dragons, and World of Warcraft. In fact, most of the things that interest HER may seem very alien to you. But if you are able to get her to talk about herself (her favorite subject), then you'll be on the right track.

3) Don't put yourself down. Repeat. Don't put yourself down. Nothing turns off a girl more than a guy who is insecure. A little self-effacing humor can be charming, but the key word here is LITTLE.

4) Grow some balls. A loser isn't a guy who plays a game and falls on his ass. A loser is someone who never even tries. But the important thing here is that you LEARN from your failures. Don't keep doing the same thing over and over (like trying to pick up women at a mall) if its not working out for you. Adapt. Improvise. For example, you will probably have much better luck at an under-21 club (if you're too young to go to a bar).

5) Girls really pay attention to how you dress (especially your shoes, for some reason). So don't be wearing that old T-shirt you've had since sophmore year in High School. If you know any guy-friend who dresses well then pick his brain. If not, then look at clothing catalogues (this year's) and see what is fashionable. If you wear glasses, then get some contacts. Trust me, this shit will get you far.

6) Get involved in activities outside the nerd circle. Again, a girl will not be interested in talking about World of Warcraft. But if you tell her stories about you kayaking or rock-climbing, that will definitely get her going.
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My advice: don't try to compete with "cool" guys on their own terms.

As a geek guy, chances are pretty good you'd be happier with a geek girl, or at least a geek-appreciating girl, who (A) lets you be who you are without pretense and (B) shares some of your interests.

I do agree with the general sentiment that you need to be comfortable with who you are, though. Consider also that a lot of seemingly confident, cool, relaxed guys are completely putting on a show and are just as insecure as you are, they just have a different way of dealing with it. And they're more boring, too.
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I feel as if the nerds get the best of dudes with long hair...
who clears their educational doubts at any time of the day/night? who lends 'em assignments or notes and stuff like that at the time of exams??
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