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How to Make a Pinball Machine from a VHS Tape

(YouTube link)

This recycling project looks like it could be fun, or at least a way to impress your kids! -via Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories

I don't think I have ever heard a Mexican accent get confused with Arnold Schwarzenegger! LOL.

Yeah, I agree though, it doesn't really look like it would occupy me past watching the video.
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Awesome, this video just took care of birthday presents this year for my 5 and 7 year old!

I can see it now, "gee dad, this makeshift pinball machine is way better than any X-Box"!
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Hey, gang! I just made pinball machine out of a paperclip, a rubber band and my desk!!!

It doesn't really work like a real pinball machine, but it costs nothing!
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This is mad, I thought the idea of pinball was to reach a high score whilst not letting the ball escape with skilful use of the paddles.

This version amounts to the same as putting a tennis ball in a cardboard box and shaking it about.
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Don't point that finger at me! My home Particle Accelerator didn't fail because I was high. It was due to sub-standard outsourced parts. And poorly translated manuals. Like, totally.
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Perhaps, responses such as the one above are what comes of future/educated “engineers and stoners” when they are just plain rude and stupid. For me, a mother whom has been screwing around trying to build an electronic pinball table for her five year old but has been stuck on a launch lever that he can actually manipulate, this demonstration was exceptional. Considering that I never once had to turn on volume to see his simple idea, I could care less if he were Mexican, governor or the inspiration for Deliverance. The only strange thing to point out about the video is that the latex gloves with no face shot made me think we were going to go “snuff” any second. You guys should use your time to add your bright ideas to comment sections and who knows, after reading a page of trash on an idea that I found both clever because of its simplicity and because of the fact that if he can whip something like this up out of trash and 1min. 40 sec. of time; I know exactly where this could go if turned into a class project or a play date project.—LED lights, pedometer counter, prank hand buzzer, hidden picture puzzle background with a magnifying plastic cover- a class contest to see who can improve upon the level using only trash- Thank you Mr. Man that posted the video. I love it and I hope that you inspire many more.
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Responder #20: seek help...And FWIW, 5yr olds
will never give a flip for pinball. Maybe a
video game or a cel phone, but sadly, pinball
is soon to be something from the past.
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What a charming idea! My grandaughter and I are going to make one this weekend, when she comes over. Kids love stuff like that:) She's 8 years old and totally into arts and crafts stuff right now.
Thanks for the great idea :)
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