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The World Outside of World of Warcraft is Now Superfluous

Gamers at MIT have built a self-contained life pod in which to play World of Warcraft. It features a built-in toilet, three days worth of food rations, fresh water, and a small cookstove. Thanks to these Prometheuses among us, it is no longer necessary to go outside or interact with people face-to-face. Truly, we live in an age of marvels.

Link via Geekologie

This is truly PATHETIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
MIT???? WTF???? These social retards are obligated to be make our lives better by finding ways to better it not defeat it by creating a stupid fucking HUT so anti-social morons can hide out cause they cant function in the REAL WORLD. HELLO ...WAKE UP AND ASK A GIRL OUT YOU DOUCHE BAG. It really freaks me out that these people jerk off in front of a computer when the could get the BALLS to do it with a human. I am so disgusted with these people. Is this really Drawinism.? NOPE
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It should have a self combustion button too, so when the person dies they can be instantly cremated. What I'm saying, is they should kill themselves for this.
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Where can I find some of these social retards? My guild is having quite the time getting enough people together just to go raid Naxx. Stupid guildies with their lives and marriages and children and such. No commitment, I tell ya.
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