Marvel Zombies

I won't pretend that I'm "with it" when it comes to comic books, but it was a complete surprise for me to find out that, starting in 2005, Marvel began issuing limited series of comics in which the superheroes are ... zombies! (Probably a better read than Spider-Ham)

Link to Marvel Zombie's official website | Marvel Zombies at Wikipedia

if you aren't "with it" when it comes to comic books you are like me and you probably won't know who many of the main characters are, which kind of sucks. Still I read the first one and liked it.
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I just read the MZ synopsis on Wikipedia. Sounds really stupid, but the plotlines for comics rarely sound good written out like that. Reading World War Z right now, so my interest is piqued...
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I wasn't that impressed after the first few issues. Unlike "real" zombies the Marvel variety just would not shut up and be zombies. Despite being dead/undead they kept up the patter, bad jokes, puns, generally sounding like business as usual.
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@ kid_icarus - The Walking Dead is fantastic. I cant wait for the next volume to come out!

Ive heard of this comic, but havnt really looked into it. I may now after seeing a zombie Capt America. That kicks all kinds of awesome.
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You should really be reading "Walking Dead" by the same writer Robert Kirkman...

I really thought the first "Volume" was great, but it was obvious and admitted by Kirkman himself, that no one thought it would sell or even work.

The initial volume does an excellent job, but the subsequent volumes seem a tad forced.
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You know those times where you where you have to deal with people you really hate on a daily basis, and if they were a zombie you would blow off their head with a shotgun without a second though. That is why people love zombies.

Lisa Simpson: "Dad, you killed Zombie Flanders!!!"

Homer Simpson: "...He was a zombie?"
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