Bendable Concrete

Traditional concrete will only take so much pressure before it breaks. A team led by Victor Li of the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor has developed a new type of concrete that bends under such pressure and can repair itself! The self-healing concrete develops many hairline fractures when bent, distributing the pressure over its area. The tiny cracks will seal themselves with calcium carbonate when exposed to rainwater and carbon dioxide. With this new material, bridges can be constructed without expansion joints. Buildings made of it will also be safer during earthquakes. Link -via Unique Daily


Where does that quote come from? Why have I seen that same exact statement about welcoming the whatever overlords on neatorama several times before? Is there a pop culture reference I'm missing out on?
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There are a lot of really novel concrete products out there. The biggest problems are cost and construction method. I'm very skeptical of the material properties of the "repaired" concrete and think that repeated loading by the environment might be a huge problem. Sealed cracks, although better than unsealed cracks, are still imperfections in the material.

Advanced concrete materials mixes are highly sensitive and usually can not be made with local ingredients and may require highly specialized and expensive curing and pouring methods. I wouldn't count on seeing these materials in very many "everyday" applications anytime soon.
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i am BE final(Govt college of engg, karad, maharashtra , india) year student , i want to do a project work on same, please help me(mainly PVA fibers)
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