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Invisibility, the Old Fashioned Way

While the magic of Photoshop has made it easier than ever to doctor photographs to portray the improbable or impossible, nothing quite matches doing a double take in real life.

British art student Sara Watson parked a donated Skoda Fabia car outside her art studio and painted it so that, from just the right angle, it looks invisible. Shadows on the ground and the slight contours of the car give it away, but other than that, it's as if it were draped with Harry Potter's cloak of invisibility or a cloaking device from Star Trek.


From the Upcoming ueue, submitted by tempeh.

Seems unlikely, especially with the photoshopped picture accompanying it.
No other pictures from other angles to demonstrate its authenticity?
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i can confirm its real, shes on my course at uni!

i've been addicted to neatorama for a year or two now - its totally bizarre to see something/someone i know pop up!
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Actually this is the same principle I believe that the scientists working on the invisibility cloak are using. Their cloak uses some form of cameras to project the image of what is behind the subject onto the front of the subject, so it looks like you are seeing through it.

Very neat.
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Larfin: An invisible car would still be material, eg: tangible. You wouldn't avoid tickets. Instead you'd have other vehicles banging into you.
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Thanks, hwang. Although that picture could have been photoshopped just as easily.

My point was not so much to question its authenticity as to question why they would cast doubt on it by accompanying it with an obviously photoshopped photo.
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