Dog Chews Off Feet, Walks Again

Andre chewed off his front left and rear left paws to escape an illegal trap he encountered in Alaska. He then lived for weeks hiding under a camper shell. The Shepherd-Rottweiler-Lab mix was taken in by Alaskan Dog and Puppy Rescue, who contacted a company named OrthoPets to see if they could help. A year later, Andre has received his prosthetic legs in Denver, Colorado. Martin Kaufmann of OrthoPets says Andre stood up just two days after his new legs were attached.
"This is the first time that Andre has been able to stand on four legs in over a year and a few months now, so it will be an interesting challenge as he learns, instead of having to survive with two legs how he can actually thrive on all four," said Kaufmann.

For a second he hesitated, and then Andre hopped up and started running around like any dog with four legs would.

"It's just such an amazing moment to see this guy who's learned how to be very adaptive on two legs and watch how fast he's able to go back to four legs. Just feels good to see he's able to be normal again, such a proud moment," Kaufmann said.

Andre will go up for adoption in a few weeks. Link -via Arbroath

What a great post about saving animals. After all the horrible stuff that has happened to that dog, he sure is one lucky pup to be helped by a rescue group.
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I guess someone in Alaska was hungry for some dog meat, ya gotta stay away from eating pork because of that swine flu don't cha know! Well, at least we know it wasn't Sarah Palin who laid that trap, she would have of course sniped it from a helicopter with her rifle.
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