Beetle Borgs

Engineers at the University of California at Berkeley have developed remote-control beetles that can be used as spies! They aren't just robots, either. These are cyborgs, real beetles that have implanted electrodes that control their flight muscles.
With the mind of a machine and the nimble body of an insect, this bug-bot may be the perfect scout: inexpensive, expendable, and capable of surreptitious reconnaissance. The Berkeley researchers, led by Michael Maharbiz, note that beetles are strong enough to carry useful payloads, such as a miniature camera.

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(image credit: Hirotaka Sato and Michel M. Maharbiz, U. C. Berkeley)

I've heard of these little spies before. They have no rights when they retire, and when they die, their families are told lies, they are dispensable heroes.
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More than often I've wondered if houseflies -especially when they are big- and other flying insects that surround us, could be used by aliens to spie on us- You don't need UFO's and fancy potentially visible flying stuff- Just tap in to the already abundant flying insaectworld and you get to know every nook and cranny of our worldly existance...

So now humans are starting to dso the same with the ultimate critter-cam. Hm, high time to buy myself the best and ultimate fly-swatter there is, or to invent one myself...
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