Largest Ever Model Rocket Launched

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On Saturday, a man in Maryland successfully launched a 1:10 scale model of a Saturn V Rocket.  The Saturn V is the rocket that took NASA astronauts to the Moon during the Apollo missions.  The launch of the 36 foot tall rocket also breaks the record for the largest model rocket ever launched.

- via wired

From the Upcoming ueue, submitted by dalucero.

Great stuff - but I was expecting a stage-separation!

Loved the parachutes - they were just the colour I remember from all those years ago. Except I must have seen it in black and white. Odd how the memory plays tricks.
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Model rocket?!? That's a land to air missile!! Pretty impressive. I'm just looking at the cars in the background, wondering how many of them almost swerved off the road when the rocket took off. Not something you see everyday!
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I know right? At what point do you take the word 'model' off the front of 'rocket'? I wonder if he had to get any sort of clearance or notify anyone to launch something that big.
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@Dalucero - At the point that you can call it a complete replica. A model has less copied details than the original. If I saw correctly, this model ony fired its 1st stage? And it has a standard model-grade solid fuel engine?

I know that where I live, you need permission for even far smaller rockets. This mastodont would never get permission to even be built up, let alone that it also would be launched...
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If it were dick thing, DaveL, it would have been kind of embarrassing. He only got about halfway, then stopped.

Cool that it landed upright like that. Must have had a really heavy bottom.

That's some expensive hobby, I bet.
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Very impressive, but with 8 N engines and a central P engine and the thing only got to 4000'? That thing is far, far more powerful than many of the early sounding rockets which got to 40 miles altitude.

I guess they were going for aethetics, not pure performance.
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