The Best Business Card Ever: Steve Martin's Card

This seals it: Steve Martin has got the best business card EVAR! This even beats out the previous titleholder of best business card that I found on Matt Cutt's blog a while ago. - via Rue The Day!

I've since found two more versions of Steve Martin's cards.


and the back cover of Carrie Fischer's book titled "Postcards from the edge" also has a card on it with a blurb about Steve's review of her book. Something about Moby Dick being fat and boring in comparison. I shall see if I can scan it. Maybe someone can find it on the web...
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And here I thought the "your business card is crap" guy had the best business card ever. Of course, only in his own mind could the pocket poster presented by considered good for anything except inciting public mockery.

This is not a business card obviously, it's just a piece of paper for someone to sign. Makes me wonder if it is real though, since why would Steve Martin carry around such stuff.
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It doesn't matter if it's a functional business card or not, it's vintage Steve Martin.

This vain, self-serving expression of insecurity is a representation of every typical Hollywood "famous person" and therefore is an excellent representation of Steve Martin's brand of multilayered ironic humor.

It's not his best joke ever, but it's a good one.
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Pah. Your business card is crap. THIS is a business card. It doesn't fit in a Rolodex because it doesn't BELONG in a Rolodex!
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Back in the day, I hate that expression, when i was Senior Entertainment Correspondent for CNN I interviewed Mr. Martin. He gave my son his business card and actually signed it. "I don't do that for everybody," he told us.
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It's not really a business card; it's a "autograph" card. He gives it out when people ask for his card. It's a funny comment on the strangeness of the giving out of autographs.
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