Steampunk Snowboard

Zaskoda started out to mount a camera on a snowboard and ended up designing a steampunk model, complete with sails and a "generator"! Link -via Unique Daily

Dumbest thing I've seen on here in a while. The admins here need to read the comments when they post steampunk crap so that they'll realize that no one likes it!
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Wow, just when you thought 'steampunk' was as dorky as it can get...someone lays down a trump card. Touche' sir, well done.

We're getting close to being able to have a cage match between Renaissance Fair(e) people and steampunk fans for the polished brass and dark wood 'Dorkiest Dorks who ever Dorked a Dork' trophy.
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Gee... thanks guys... you're a stand up bunch of wonderful folks.

@Jonna - You're right, snowboards don't have engines. You deserve a cookie.

@Ted - I think there's a T at the beginning, d at the end, and some vowel in the middle.

The intent of the gadgetry has nothing to do with powering a snowboard with steam. It was actually to capitalize on the biggest natural resource available while snowboarding - the wind. The sails draw in air and force it into the rear chamber creating enough flow to... well, I don't know yet. I only put 4 evenings into it thus far.

We built the board for a slopeside costume party.

@vonskippy If you're familiar with Google Trends, you can pull up the trends on "steampunk". It's a groth trend somewhere around a 30 degree angle. Last time I checked, there's no sign of of the trend leveling out.

And, of course, to think that you or anyone else in the comment section here actually amount to enough influence to impact the trend is just another sign of your over inflated perspective of self importance.

Have a great day...
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Thus, the inertia of so called 'snow-board', potentates an alarming discontent, upon the platitudes of commoner's Eurekas.

To surmise, thus; One must cometh to terms upon that maketh a retribution of Ideas common to legacies of yore; Makes us all Ass of each others Gayness more profound.

Taken as thus: I cometh back to scratch the blackboard once more the merry!

- Gaylord Copper.
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"It was actually to capitalize on the biggest natural resource available while snowboarding - the wind. The sails draw in air and force it into the rear chamber creating enough flow to… well, I don’t know yet."

I have been boarding for years (back when Burton made boards with a swallowtail and the boards weighed as much as a sack of onions) but I digress - the biggest natural resource?? I doubt that the sails would give you much of an advantage or acceleration.

buuuuuttt...Neat idea.
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hehe. Well-played, Zaskoda. Well-played.

I love a good rebuttal!

Is it a "groth" trend, or a "goth" trend? Just curious. Actually, not really. Goth or groth, steam punk is not for me.
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now why did ya'll have to go and piss in Zaskoda's cheerios?

Actually, I agree. Steampunk trend is gay. The sound of the word makes me cringe like if it were nails on a chalkboard.

Die a slow and painful death steampunk. Actually it's been slow enough already, just die. Thanks.
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You know a trend is breaching into the mainstream when people will actually spend their time and energy criticizing it and expressing hatred of the trend instead of just ignoring it and moving on to something worth investing energy in. I often spent energy doing the same thing when I was young an immature.

The term itself is from the 80s but the aesthetic dates back to the 30s. I didn't expect my project to get posted across so many blogs - I definitely didn't ask for it.

Folks can rag on it as much as they like, I really don't mind. While you're sitting there hating it, I got a lot of laughs, attention, compliments, and fun out of it. It was 4 days evenings of work followed by a full day of play - and I really enjoyed it. Sorry if my happiness makes you jealous! Maybe stop complaining on the Internet and go do something fun??? =D
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Just substitute the concept of "disco" for "steampunk" in Zaskoda's last diatribe there.

Zask, you're taking it too seriously to try and validate your hobby with total strangers. Don't worry about it. I like the phrase "breaching into the mainstream", by the way. It's so trendy sounding.
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Yes ted, a 70's dance trend is comparable to a 80 year old aesthetic.

I don't take anything serious. I bolted brass to a snowboard, come on!

And it's not a hobby. It's my one and only Steampunk project. Snowboarding, on the other hand, is my hobby.

Why are you so threatened by Steampunk? If people get off on gears, steam, brass and leather... so what?
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