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Make Yourself an NPR Name

Liana Maeby [pictured at left] is a blogger who's fascinated by the complex and memorable names of the correspondents on National Public Radio: Renee Montagne, Korva Coleman, Lakshmi Singh, Sylvia Poggioli, Corey Flintoff.  How cool would it be to have a name like that?

Liana and her boyfriend Eric decided to try it out by devising a formula for creating their own custom-designed NPR names.  The rules are simple; here's how it works:

"You take your middle initial and insert it somewhere into your first name.  Then you add on the smallest foreign town you’ve ever visited."

So Liana is now Liarna Kassel, and Eric is Jeric Bath. 

Lots of folks on Twitter devised funny NPR names for themselves, like Pamelda Fondo, Stefsan Swakopmund and Marmilyn Zug.

NPR's Monkey See blog caught wind of the game and invited readers to leave their NPR names in the comments. 164 people did, but a lot of them just aren't that good.

I'm convinced that Neatorama readers can come up with better NPR names.  Wanna try?


From the Upcoming ueue, submitted by Marilyn Terrell.

@ Miss Cellania- You have to give Alaex Ulaanbaatar some slack- If he was there during a real snowstorm, his view of that town was about one building large, the way to and from it from the airport and nothing more. So still pretty small. :-P
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Alex - and unless you've had the chance to experience a dust storm in Inner Mongolia, you haven't really seen one. Snow storms where nothing there.

My NPR name would be Amyj Naiman. I like it~
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I can't do this because I can't remember the names of the small towns, but I just wanted to point out that Liana Maeby sounds at least as NPR as Liarna Kassel.
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I thought "Outer Mongolia" was just "Mongolia".

But I'm not a world traveller. As you can judge by my NPR name, Johjn Niagra-on-the-Lake.
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Sarrah Kauniainen

Little town outside of Helsinki, near Espoo, Finland.

It was a real toss-up. I've been to some teeny-tiny towns in the Germanic parts of Europe too. But Sarrah Geel or Sarrah Stompwijk don't quite have the same ring.
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For those of us with no foriegn travel (I'm not counting Cancuun for myself!) I say a good alternative is the smallest town you've been to in your home state!

L'Janet Perry ...or Janlet Perry

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"...and only time will tell if the Lunar colonies can maintain their hard fought for political independence. For NRP news, I'm Henric Banff, at Tyco Station."
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Dear Jabson Mondoñedo, I LOVE your 3 a.m. Iberian music program, especially when you have guests on your show. My dorm is right above the station so I can hear you just fine. Your fan, Marmilyn Zug
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Oh, I don't know about balanced news on NPR - they're very liberal leaning, but their Science Fridays show and a few (non-political) others are pretty good.
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This is not fair... I don't have a middle name, hence no middle initial... and the smallest Foreign town i've been to is St Petersburg, Russia.
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@Skull Thuggery - "I’ll post my NPR name sometime after I visit a town smaller than Swastika, Ontario."

I'm Stephaniel San Sebastian. Does Puerto Rico count as foreign?
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