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Signspotting: Stickman to the Rescue!

The following is a collaboration with Signspotting, a website dedicated to weird and funny signs by Doug Lansky

Somehow we're expected to navigate the road and pick up the traffic nuances - perhaps even adjust to a steering wheel on the opposite side of the car while driving on the opposite side of the road - all before the first lane change.

All this is, of course, before you even throw a few wacked-out signs into the equation: the road-side traffic symbols that look more confusing than psych-test ink blots, mangled English, and the occasional screwball posting that almost stops us in our tracks (if we could just locate the brakes fast enough in that rental car!).

At least the stickfigures are easy to understand, often suffering miserably so that we might stay safe.

1. Way Off Piste

Location: Pilatus Mountain, Switzerland
Credit: Regina Meyer

2. Wheelchair vs. Alligator

Location: St. Lucia, South Africa
Credit: Kelly Daigle

How many unattended relatives, you suppose, rolled to their tragic fate before local officials were prompted to put up this sign?

3. Officers Can Get a Little Frisky

Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina
Credit: Caroline Born

4. Messiah Crossing?

Location: Glendaloch, Ireland
Credit: Karla Richards

5. World's Most Uncomfortable Ski Lift

Location: Chamonix, France
Credit: Belinda Hillard

You decide: uncomfortable chairlift or ski-in/ski-out medical clinic

6. Um, No Lap Dancing? No Red Underwear?

Location: Split, Croatia
Credit: Caitlin Thomas

May look like a “no lap dancing” sign, but this is actually asking women not to urinate here. Presumably topless urination is common in this part of Croatia.

7. Warning: Giant Spikes!

Location: Southwold, Suffolk, England
Credit: Daniel Swallow

C’mon, jump in! It’s not like there are giant spikes in the water specially placed to spear you in the nether regions.

8. It's Raining Men

Location: Mertola, Portugal
Credit: Sarah Eriksen


If you like the funny signs above (and who doesn't?), head on over to Signspotting website for hundreds more. Or get the book, Signspotting: Absurd & Amusing Signs From Around The World and Signspotting 2 : The World's Most Absurd Signs , both compiled by Doug Lansky.

"the road-side traffic symbols that look more confusing than psych-test ink blots, mangled English,"
maan!! That was some line.. hahahahaha!!
That messiah crossing one is damn funny..hehehe!
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Cute. I'm pretty sure #3 was altered to look that way - someone with a black pen and a little imagination.

#7: it only takes 30 seconds to look up the definition of the word groyne, and discover that it's not an incorrect spelling. A groyne is like a breakwater or a long embankment. Keeps the beach where it's supposed to be.
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Hey! I'm from Buenos Aires, that sign was altered. It seems a funny guy went all over the city center printing the second guy (the one on the back). Congratulations to that man.
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#2 reminds me of the great song "Rippy the Gator" by the Arrogant Worms.

Link to lyrics: (thanks, Google)

Link to some site that has the song streamed: (again, thanks Google)

I do not know these links, so use them with care; the second one starts playing automatically.

I think the next music trivia should be about the Arrogant Worms, by the way.
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Hey, that one on the book cover at the bottom on the left, the Not A Through Street/Evacuation Route, is in Mill Valley just down the street from my ex's parents' house. There is some sort of dirt road or foot path beyond it that isn't normally accessible. Doesn't make it less funny, though.
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