What is it? Game 95

Our collaboration with the What is it? Blog brings us this strange (and gruesome-looking) object. Do you know what it is for? Does it have anything to do with vampires?

Place your guess in the comment section. Please post no URL / web link - let others play. No prize this week - you're playing for bragging rights only.

For more clues, check out the What is it? blog. Good luck!

Update 4/10/09 - the answer is: Long's 1911 New Era Rope Spreader, or rope needle, it was used with a rope machine by sliding it along the length of the strands to force the formation of a tight and constant spiral, patent number 998,360. Congratulations to zander who got it right!

Maybe part of some kind of uh... not sure what it would be called. Rope would be put in to it, it turns and the rope coils around it?
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It's a "button-puller" You stick in into the button hole and slip the button into the opening...then as you pull it back out through the button hole the button, now pinched in the slide area, is fastened.
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C'mon folks, this is kindergarden-knowledge...!
Duhhh- ...Jééz incredible that nobody recognises that this is the frame of a very early Type 65C-Faserdisruptor from the early Atlantians.
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No no! That requires the blade to be silver, this is clearly cold iron. I'm telling you, it's required to exterminate that man bear pig!
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i believe its called a rope wrench and it is used to separate the strands of yarn being twisted into rope then moved up the rope to allow the strands to lay up into rope.
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Only a man whose heart is pure can wield the knife, and only a man whose ass is narrow can get down these steps. And if mine's is such an ass, then I shall have it.
Chandler Jarrell.
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