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From Think Family, a campaign from the National Family Council in Singapore. -via Viral Video Chart

Interesting that they're showing a Singaporean interracial couple; the Chinese, Malay and Indians there don't generally mix easily. Good for them.

Now for realism, show a Chinese family pushing a Filipina maid out a high-rise window.
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That was really good. I bet half of the people who watched that teared up.

And Alicia, thank you for bringing everyone back to the hateful side of the world after such a beautiful message.
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Well Alicia, if it was to show reality in the U.S. it would have to show the woman divorcing her husband because of the noise, then having a very ugly custody war, loosing all their money to the divorce industry, and screwing up their kids heads.
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Reminds me of my Mother's funeral. I spoke of how she would call at the most inopportune times, and go on and on and on. And how I would look at the caller ID and realize I'm never getting off that call.

I ended by saying what I wouldn't give to see that caller ID one more time...

I teared up, too.
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Crash _171, I am sorry! I didn't mean to offend. My remark was only partially cynical; notice I thought it was awesome that Singapore is stressing racial harmony. There's lots of misery in the world and I was not making light of it.

In mentioning maid abuse I wasn't slandering the mostly wonderful Chinese Singaporeans or any other group. However, I have lived in Singapore, and maid abuse is so serious a problem that my aside does not do it justice. Deaths do indeed occur, often as a result of maid being forced to clean the outside of windows in the ubiquitous high-rise apartments. Sometimes they are murdered. Not that this only happens in Singapore, of course, but it is rather ingrained there for a certain social stratum.
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People...get a brain. I don't think it's's an advertisement or something. First of all there were about 4 different cameras at this "funeral", and it was professionally done.
What real funeral has 3 or 4 cameras, and a script???

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um, isn't her speech a rip off from Good Will Hunting? Robin Williams says this same speech to Matt Damon in his office when he talks about his deceased wife....seriously people it's not original.
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