Edible Easter Eggs

There will be a lot of dyed eggs for Easter, but if you're going to eat them, you usually have to remove the colorful part first. Not so with these eggs! Jayne at Barefoot Kitchen Witch adapted the recipe for Chinese tea eggs to dye the edible parts of hard boiled eggs in bright holiday colors. You can serve them peeled in all their neon glory. Link -via the Presurfer

I remember that from when I was young. ...But back in those days the eggs that looked like that were made by small me and my little sister because we somewhere along the line of painting had cracked the shells... :-)
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@Johhny Cat- The tea is the colouring agent in the Chinese receipts. If you use tea, you can get greenish, several tones of brown and yellow and some reddish colouring.
So if you want to use different non-tea colours, just boil yor eggs and then put them in hot water with the colours you want. The adding of some salt to the water (just a snuff of it, no more) is still a good idea.

And make sure you take colouring that is edible instead of poisonous...

@Evilbeagle- Then you're in luck: You are one of those lucky bastards that can do this the whole year round just as you fancy some nice coloured eggs! The whole rest of us will have to wait till it's Easter again before we can have such lovely eggs... ;-)
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ACK! That's my friend Jayne's site! Woo! People, bookmark Barefoot Kitchen Witch and visit it! She has an incredible sense of humor and her kids are adorable. I'd read it even if we weren't friends ;)
I'm giddy that she's featured here - she's hit the big time! :D
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