Archive for March 29th, 2009

Garden camera with timelapse capability

A simple, weatherproof camera designed for the garden or wildlife enthusiast.   It can be programmed to take photos at variable intervals for the creation of time-lapse movie files.It can focus as close as...

Lucky's Funeral

[youtube=][YouTube - Link]Maya says a few solemn words about Lucky the goldfish before flushing him down the toilet, even though her mom keeps cracking up. - via arbroathFrom the...

10+ Interesting State Symbols

As I'm sure you've noticed, there are some pretty universal state symbol categories: the state bird, the state flag, the state flower, even the state gemstones. But since those declarations are left up to the individual...

The Problem of Money in Star Trek Economy

Warp coils and photon torpedoes aside, have you ever thought of the weird fact that there's no money in Star Trek? Or how people get stuff done in real life when they can just ... erhm, enjoy what the holodeck can offer?...


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