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99 Seinfeld References

Seinfeld was the ultimate show for water cooler conversations. With a countless number of inside jokes, nicknames, characters, and story lines, it didn't take long for the show to develop it’s very own social language. Now, thanks to Kiersten Essenpreis, we have a beautiful painting depicting a massive, heaping pile of these references (99 to be exact). And she even included a reference key! An excellent tribute to one of the greatest shows of all time.

Link - via mikediluigi

From the Upcoming ueue, submitted by SoccM84.

Good heavens!
The Puffy Shirt, the Bubble Boy, the Marble Rye, the Frogger, Man Hands, Crazy Joe, the Manakin, the Calzone, the Fusili Jerry, the Man Bra, the Cigar Store Indian, the Cuban Cigars, Jujy Fruits, Junior Mints, the Doll, the Raincoat, the Label Maker, Mr Marbles...
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"Kramer" would slide into my apartment exactly one time and I'd have about 5 locks on the door and a peephole thingy wide-angle enough to view the whole hallway.
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The squirrel, ha. "Don't we have an agreement with the pigeons?" "Yes. They get out of our way, and we look the other way on the whole statue thing."

I know there's some people who just don't "get" Seinfeld, but I would definitely put it in my top five TV series.
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I loathed Seinfeld.

...But I've just noticed that Firefox includes the correct spelling of the name.

No one else's names are accepted, but Seinfeld is.
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Ha, Ha, Ha, from the sounds coming out, I heard this for years coming out of my husband's office, from repeat episodes of Seinfeld that seemed to play out at all hours of the night on cable... this I've got to pass along to him now. What a great image for Seinfeld lovers, even I get some of the references, but not all, and I'll be as he was a true Seinfeld lover, he'll get most if not all of them. Whenever there was a "Seinfeld" episode on, no matter how many times it was repeated, he would stop what he was doing, plant himself on the sofa, and watch again, and again. This is a timeless show for the ages, for those who like to absorb themselfs into "nothingness," the perfect way to spend time doing nothing, and I'd have to agree, I too became absorbed into "nothing=dome" as time went on.... great image, thanks!

Can anyone tell me what the does George have on the end of the fishing line? Now that's a mystery to me.. Have a great "nothing" day!
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The one correction to the key is with the sweater with the red dot. That is one item not two and the missing item is the toilet paper. When George is saying how he impressed a girl by telling her how toilet paper has never changed.
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I still don't get people that don't "get" Seinfeld. I think they must have a quirky type of sense of humor. I imagine they're the kind of people who liked Phoebe in the show "Friends", a character I found immensely annoying. (This is based on absolutely nothing and I take no responsibility for my observations)
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