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Predator X: The Fiercest Dinosaur Yet

Image: Atlantic Productions

If you think that Tyrannosaurus rex was the fiercest dinosaur ever, think again: a team of paleontologists from the Natural History Museum, University of Oslo and other universities found a 50-foot marine reptile dubbed "Predator X" that made T. rex looked like a puppy:

The 147-million-year old monster was 15 metres long, had 30-centimetre-long teeth and had a bite pressure 10 times greater than any animal alive today, said Jørn Hurum, who led the team that uncovered the fossil.

A new species of pliosaur, Predator X was probably an apex predator at the top of the food chain, similar to the modern-day great white shark, said Hurum, a palaeontologist at Natural History Museum at the University of Oslo, Norway.

Link | University of Oslo Press Release

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This is not, I repeat NOT a dinosaur! All dinosaurs lived on land. The aquatic cousins (and pterosaurs also) were related reptiles, but NOT dinosaurs. They were Mosasaurs, pleisiosaurs, etc...

Also note that Trex was 40 feet long. Hardly a puppy, just 20% shorter. :) Lets not get carried away, this is on par with Killer whales and other large predators alive today (the sperm whale also). All pretty scary.
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Who comes up with thee names? "Predator X"? You're joking, right.

Still, it would be no match for a Liopleurodon, which looks very similar but was close to 75 feet (!) long. It was the largest known predator ever, land or sea.

It's so nice having a curious 3 year old to help me (re) learn all my dino stuff.
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If we lived in that time, it would have been super-awesome for about ten minutes, then ...not so much. Could you imagine how hard it would be to reel in a fish? Fry up some dino-bacon without the smell attracting other carnivores? Good times.
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Check out the 2 min sneak peek video on the PREDATOR X special airing on the HISTORY channel March 29th at 8pm:
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actually, it was pliosaur, which has anything common with dinosaurs. whoever wrote the article had no idea of basic taxonomy. pterosaurs, ichtyosaurs, plesiosaurs and pliosaurs aren't dinosaurs, just prehistoric reptiles. dinosaurs were ground and oly ground. flying/swimming = not a dino. clear? ok.
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p.s. extreme infreno: this had shorter neck than plesiosaurs maybe because it was pliosaur, not plesiosaur. plesiosaur - long neck, small head, pliosaur - short neck, big head. clear? ok.
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p.s. artbot. liopleurodon was 30 feet long, maybe only 24 feet long. p.s. it is not a joke, it was really named so, because it is too early to give it scientifical name and this name is awesome and fits the real thing right?
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p.s. once was discovered another prehistoric water reptile, it was SCIENTIFICALLY named godzilla, because its head had very close shape to the american movie godzilla's head, so no need to worry about predator x ;-)
btw. the picture of the astronaut is hella disturbing
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