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TIME's Most Influential People of 2009: moot of 4chan?

TIME Magazine has been compiling an annual list of the world's most influential people since 2004 - and this year, they've opened the floodgates to let readers vote for their pick online. Little did the know that this exercise in democracy would yeild an unexpected result: the frontrunner - by a wide margin - is moot, the founder of 4chan:

PRO: Just about every Internet in-joke of the past few years has started on 4chan — a bare-bones, id-liberating and reliably profane image board whose Droogish users have hatched everything from Rickrolling to LOLcats. The site can also launch real-world movements, as evidenced by Anonymous, a 4chan-organized protest group responsible for several anti-Scientology rallies.

CON: Thanks to 4chan's oft-obscene content, the reclusive moot has had trouble luring advertisers.

Link - via mental_floss

I am speechless. Congrats, moot.
However, I feel like 4chan would have been a good candidate in 2008. 2009 I'm not so sure about yet.
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I won't deny on that 4chan has had some influence over the years, but I think that in the non-4chan world it's been pretty irrelevant thus far this year.
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As one commenter said, "omg a guy from the internets with lots of users on his site does well on the internets who would have thought?"

4chan is a big-traffic site, but it's not influential, just an aggregator. And moot rarely comes up when he's not being spoofed or mocked.
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You think that Time would learn about online voting. When Time did a Man of the Century poll, the top 2 vote-getters were Hank the Angry Drunk Dwarf and Ric Flair.
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4chan has a lot of traffic. Users often make "campaigns" inside the boards to do mass votings in polls such as these. I doubt that the people who voted for moot even think he's influential - they just wanted a prank.
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Indeed as Camilla said, this is their favorite pastime.
A funny one was when they screwed the vote on stormfront to say that 74% of them never finished high school.
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hahaha. i'm sure this was just a raid on the time poll. moot's not influential, even on 4chan. i'm sure they just did this for a laugh. probably found a way to hack the voting.
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Seriously, moot doesn't self-promote. He rarely even posts to his own boards. I can't blame him. If hell lived in cyberspace, it would be /b/.

Personally, I like to watch 4chan work its way into other websites. They frequently "raid" other message boards, often with hilarious (if childish and sadistic) results. After someone from 4chan broke Sarah Palin's email password, Greta Van Susteren from Fox News did a poll on her website asking if it was a harmless prank, or a dirty political attack by the left (in reality, it was neither). Needless to say, before 4chan found it, it was something like 95% for dirty political attack. By the end of her show, it was about 80% for harmless prank. I believe she declared that her website had been hacked on national TV. As raids go, that one was harmless. I've seen them get much worse.

4chan is where I go to destroy my soul. Neatorama is where I go to get it back.
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4chan's memes don't come from 2chan. 2chan is in Japanese. The original 4chan site design was based on 2chan, but there's very little memetic or even conversational flow between the two sites.
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Moot had nothing to do with the voters, they're voting on their own accord, and they wont stop voting until moot is #1. Moot doesnt ever tell his fans what to do, he basically just sits back and watches everthing happen and doesnt pay attention to what his anonymous legion is up to. If your somewhat familiar with /b/'s history you'll know theyre famous for their "raids". (also for being the root of almost all internet meme's: shoopdawhoop, lolcat, motivationals, etc.) Someone will flood the channels with something and everyone will see it and mass-whatever it is. In this case its votes. When the voting first started it was just a few simple anon's voting fairly, but then anon-talk (4chans rival) decided to raid /b/'s raid by downvoting moot and upvoting random people it just pissed /b/ off. Then time started to cheat their polls by lowering moots rank and deleting thousands of votes. So /b/'s hackers/programmers starting creating auto-voters for moot. So basically /b/ is never going to stop voting for moot, you gotta face it hes gonna be Times #1.
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It's ironic that people claim such things as "surprising that someone from the internet got people to vote for them *yawn*". If someone got enough people to vote for them regardless of what source they used and won something like... oh I don't know... Time magazines most influential person of the year, I believe that it''s probably because they're... well... highly influential. This wasn't Time magazines vote for the years most ignorant person, other wise someone who was ignorant might have won, like Obama. Seriously though, if citizens are allowed to vote on the most influential person of the year, the person who wins obviously influenced the 3million or so people who voted for them, Moot is influential, deal with it.
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4chan has touched millions of lives, for better or for worse, gained international recognition for both good and bad. Launched a massive International Protest movement in less than a month, as well as Identified the hacker who got Palin's email before the FBI had a clue who he was.

Yea... moot is very influential
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the 'hacker' (just got her dox and then worked it out from the security question) was a /b/tard
4chan found him first because he was one of them

Anonymous is everywhere.
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Moot has been very influential, as has been many 4chan users. I believe though that we would all hand Moot the credit for making the website however. Anyways, for better or for worse, 4chan has changed my life, it has changed the world in some ways. Some of our members have hacked foreign governments and sold secrets to the United States. Some of us have completely, irreverably changed the world. Some of us are responsible for creating some of the strongest Anti-Viral and some of the Strongest Firewalls ever created. I remember when I joined 4chan. A team of about 20 hackers had hit the Chinese government and gotten a lot of intel sold to the US government. I remember seeing the second half of the Tiananmen Square video. 4chan has opened my eyes to the REAL world and what really goes on around me. For that, I am ever grateful. 4chan has at the very least irreversibly changed my life and outlook on life in general.
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