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PETA Co-Founder Ingrid Newkirk's "Unique Will"

Ingrid Newkirk, co-founder of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), is so dedicated to her cause that she is determined to continue her campaign for animal rights even after she's dead.

In fact, she even plans to hold ... nay, participate, in a BBQ of sorts ... in a very unique way. Here's her "Unique Will" (her words, not mine):

Upon my death, it is my wish that my body be used in a manner that draws attention to needless animal suffering and exploitation. [...]

a. That the “meat” of my body, or a portion thereof, be used for a human barbecue, to remind the world that the meat of a corpse is all flesh, regardless of whether it comes from a human being or another animal, and that flesh foods are not needed;

b. That my skin, or a portion thereof, be removed and made into leather products, such as purses, to remind the world that human skin and the skin of other animals is the same and that neither is “fabric” nor needed, and that some skin be tacked up outside the Indian Leather Fair each year to serve as a reminder of the government’s need to abate the suffering of Indian bullocks who, after a life of extreme and involuntary servitude, as I have seen firsthand, are exported all over the world in this form;

Link - via The Presurfer (Image: David Shankbone /Wikipedia)

Newkirk unabashedly describes her zeal for killing in her own words: "I'd go to work early, before anyone got there, and I would just kill the animals myself...I must have killed a thousand of them, sometimes dozens every day."
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I like when Penn & Teller did a thing about her. She's against animal testing but needs her daily insulin. Do you think it magically falls from the sky? Why don't you stop taking it and skip ahead a few chapters!
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I'd eat her. The best meat is all raised on high quality grains (or preferably grasses) with no low quality animal products going into the feed. She should be right up there with good Kobe beef. Certified organic.
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Anyone here see the end of Fellini's "Satyricon"? Om nom nom nom...

@joe-e: From what I've read, it tastes most like pork. Many pig organs can be safely implanted into humans, and we tend to eat the same kinds of food. (The kosher & halal prohibitions against pigs stem from the fact that in a semi-desert region, pigs are unwelcome competition for resources, whereas cattle, sheep, goats & fowl eat foods that humans cannot eat.)
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Mental patient. Absolute mental patient. And I'm fairly sure cooking a human being must be illegal.

This woman is batsh*t insane and the planet will be better off when her and her evil organization die the slow and miserable death they all richly deserve.
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I hate that woman passionately. She is not only an attention slut but a complete hypocrite. Personally, I'd be glad to eat her body except that she's so rotten already that I'd hate to think of the condition she'll be in when she dies.
It's just as well she go out like that, otherwise I'd have to willingly make the trip to her grave solely to spit on it.

P.S. In case you hadn't noticed, I am not a fan of PETA.
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read the new yorker profile on newkirk --

some choice quotes:

Newkirk on violence
"[People] need to understand that if they support the torture and misuse of other animals they will be made to pay. The animals are defenseless. They can't fight back. But we can. And, no matter what it takes, we always will."

Newkirk on former employees calling PETA "the cult of Newkirk"
"If you put the cult stuff in [your article] nobody will take what we do seriously."

Newkirk on the press
"We are complete press sluts."

Newkirk on being a press slut
"That Reuters reporter was so thrilled when I told him my position on hoof-and-mouth disease. Don't you need something like that [i.e., an outrageous quote for your article] too?"

Newkirk on what she strives to be
"The biggest nag on earth."

Newkirk's last will and testament
"That the meat of my body, or a portion thereof, be used for a human skin, or a portion thereof, be removed and made into leather feet be removed and umbrella strands or other ornamentation be made from eyes be removed, mounted and delivered to the administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency..."

Newkirk on Kentucky Fried Chicken's Colonel Sanders
"Why not find out when his birthday is, call the newspapers, and go dance on his grave?"

Newkirk on drooling
"People drool when they look at [Pamela Anderson, who poses for PETA ads]. Why wouldn't we use that? We need all the drooling we can get."

Newkirk on her divine mandate
"I am just trying to make the best case for animals. That is clearly what I was put on this earth to do. Even after I am gone, I will try to continue."

Newkirk on having children
"I am not only uninterested in having children. I am opposed to having children. Having a purebred human baby is like having a purebred dog; it is nothing but vanity, human vanity."
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you know, I would eat people if It were legal. Let's bring soilant green into style. We can eat them, and make awesome boots, upholstery, and purses out of them.
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+1 Anti-PETA

This is typical of an organization that has no clue about animal rights. Rights, yeah that thing we totally made up. The organization sponsored by Home Depot that favors banning the Iditarod.
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Does she have a nice tatoo? Nazis use to make lamp shades out of them in concentration camps...
Pure bad taste.

The Newyorker's article is an eyeopener on her mental state. Given her media exposure and the number of followers, I'd say there will always be room for sects in our civilization.
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"Newkirk on having children
“I am not only uninterested in having children. I am opposed to having children. Having a purebred human baby is like having a purebred dog; it is nothing but vanity, human vanity.” "

Thank god she doesn't want to breed! We already have enough crazies running around teaching their kids to be equally insane... we sure don't need another.

But yeah... that woman is just all shades of psycho.
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PETA, as a whole, is built on hypocrisy. They can't even hire vegans strict enough to take their clothes off for them.

If you want a good laugh, as well as a run down of all of PETA's hypocrisies, go here:

The words I have for Newkirk are too rude for this website. I hate her and everything she stands for. She represents a terrorist organization which is happy to kill the animals it claims it wants to save. She is insulin dependent yet she's against animal products. PETA doesn't love animals so much as it hates humans, which is why they don't feel guilt for promoting an unhealthy diet that causes everything from rickets in children to vitamin deficiencies in a lot of people over the long term.

I don't care what people choose to eat or not eat, but if you are going to be preachy, militant, or annoying about it, go away and eat your mung beans away from me. My health means more to me than the life of a chicken. Deal with it.

That said, this is funny because I was just reading about PETA's failed attempt to create a chicken empathy museum in Louisiana.

Newkirk couldn't die soon enough.
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She can say what she likes. She knows that will never happen. There are too many laws against doing anything like that to a human body. Typical media whore.
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The thing that annoys me most is that nearly all of their followers are blissfully unaware of how ludicrous the organisation is.

hundreds of thousands of perfectly reasonable dopey girls called Hillary encounter the name PETA, and allign themselves with it because they presume that the name is actually what the organisation is about.

And if I may bring down Godwin's law on myself...

Much in the same way that the NSADP, the Nazis, were National, and a Party, and indeed German but in no way socialist or for the workers.
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Everyone knows you don't eat the old cows, their meat would be to tough, it's the young ones that taste good.

Don't look at me like that, it's true.
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I think Ms. Newkirk's will is chock-full of wonderful ideas. I support it fully, and sincerely hope that the opportunity to enforce it will present itself as soon as possible.
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People only Eat Tasty Animals. I think she's too full of hate and bile. I agree with Ted. She says that because she knows it will never happen. PETA can eat me.
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Leave it to PETA to bring over 30 people from different backgrounds and ideologies, and from all over the world to agree on something: they is crazy.
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Regardless of her stance on animal rights, a weird will like that just makes things harder on her family and friends during the already difficult time after her death. Final requests like that are horrific and/or heartbreaking for the folks that she'll leave behind. I understand wanting to make a bold statement after she passes. But even if her family agrees with her stance on animal issues, asking them to do such things is really way too much. A human barbeque? Seriously? Does she really want the people she cares about to have to arrange or witness that? Accessories made from her skin? How could she ask her loved ones to do that? It's totally insensitive. Plus it's silly. If she wants her legacy to genuinely help animals, there's got to be more effective ways that will draw more support to her cause without putting unfair stress on her grieving family.
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Pfft. In the final clause of the will she gives her executor permission to override all previous clauses. Instead of having her thumbs detached and sent to unsuspecting humans, they should be jammed up her ass.

She's a famewhore, PETA encourages other famewhores to join, and does absolutely nothing for animal welfare.

This didn't even deserve the time I took to read it or write the comment.
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Actually, from a bird's eye view, this is genius; bizarre, grotesque genius of the sort you can get only from a Poe or Van Gogh.
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Yes, this is not only a crazy moon bat, she's a dumbf*ck. Incidentally, this has got to be the one true religion of hypocrisy and hate.

If humans are "Animals" then we are only following our natural instinct, eating other smaller and sometimes larger, very tasty animals.

Her statements about giving birth are proof of mental affliction. All you PETA people, go eat your tree bark and shut the f*ck up!
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And to secret asian man, commentor #41, You said "White people are crazy!", you racist jerk! There's a black girl at my office who is into that stupid PETA crap. Go eat your BBQ cat, and keep your mouth shut. You must have meant to type, "White peopre ale Clazy!"
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"j. That a little part of my heart be buried near the racetrack at Hockenheim, preferably near the Ferrari pits, where Michael Shumacher raced in and won the German Grand Prix;"

wait, what?
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There PETA goes again, getting attention in whatever fashion they can, even if its in disgust.

You want to get at PETA? Ignore them. That would make PETA cry.

Currently we're all just playing into their hand. YAY more attention for PETA.
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Thank you for crediting my photograph of Ingrid. I interviewed her for Wikipedia/Wikinews back in 2007, and I found her one of the sweetest, most intelligent, kindest people I have ever met. We only had one interaction, but when I was scheduled to go to Brazil for Wikimedia and I couldn't find someone to watch my dog that week, she offered to have her Mom watch him for me. She barely knew me. I was not a member of PETA, and I eat meat.

Yes - Ingrid is an activist and she is passionate about her love of animals. Whilst most of us could not relate to what she has desires to do with her remains, it's not a sign of lunacy. It's a sign she believes in what she does, and wants to go out making a statement. We should all be so lucky to feel so intensely about something we think is so right--animal rights, in her case--that we are willing to dedicate our lives to that cause as opposed to sit in our cubicles day in, day out, pushing paper and drinking our apple martinis.

The last eight years we all sat around watching as the U.S. advocated torture, held people for years without trial, spied on our own citizens, allowed unchecked Wall Street greed, started a war based on lies, had one of our most important cities leveled by a hurricane, and re-elected the people who undertook it all. We all did nothing.

Frankly, I wish there were more people like Ingrid - at least she isn't bombing buildings. She an activists. She has beliefs. And she expresses them with her life. I find it admirable, she has my deepest respect, and she is a friend even though I don't believe completely in everything she and her organization advocates. That's a pretty damn amazing person.

It's too bad most of the posters above simply want to judge.

David Shankbone
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What a surprise to see everybody spitting venom at an ideological minority whose conscientiousness extends beyond her own body.

I am no PETA member. I support subsistence hunting and fishing. We don't understand enough about the brain to firmly conclude that subtracting flesh from the environmental equation presumed by our DNA is wise.

Still, none of you couch surfing football fans could argue with this woman's breakdown of the environmental and economic impact of utterly unnecessary factory farming, even setting aside the incomprehensible magnitude of its inherent cruelty to millions upon millions upon millions [...] of pigs alone. The mere ratio of energy and pollution required to produce a pound of protein from beef versus from vegetables would be sufficient to send you off in a huff, frantically googling for some contrived rebuff.

The mere existence of so convicted a critic of your habit of packing every last sinus cavity with yet another BK bacon quadra-stack cheese-burger sends you all into a fit of insecure hysterics.

Have a look in your mirrors.

PS @ Polx: so you're saying the Reichsarbeitdienst didn't elevate the status and living standard of workers to 10 times that enjoyed by any Marxist state? Try thinking , be it TV or the JudeoMarxist establishment university.

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Actually, she is an ALF supporter, David Shankbone,so she does support the bombing of buildings and other terrorist acts in the name of animals, though public record shows that her organization has more blood on her hands than Michael Vick.

As for eating meat, it's healthy to have a balanced diet, Neil C. Producing all that vegetation destroys habitats and damages the environment as well, but we have to eat, don't we? I buy local, free range, and kill my own when possible, but a lot of people would be starving without that factory farming, and I happen to like people more than I do piggies and the environment.
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I submitted before I was ready.

I am against a lot of factory farming practices, for the record, and here in the UK, a lot of regulations are changing, which is a great positive.

Also, one should never assume that because a person eats meat without a guilty conscience that they are stuffing fast food into un-named orifices given to hysterics. Perhaps some vege-nazis would do well to find a mirror of their own.
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David Shankbone,

you are a wuss.
You'd probably condone Hitler.
This PETA lady is insane.
Don't compare animals to humans.
animals can lick their own privates and
eat their own poo.
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@evilbeagle - she hasn't condoned the ALF, she also refuses to publicly condemn them, as we discussed in my interview:,_co-founder_of_PETA,_on_animal_rights_and_the_film_about_her_life

Make of that what you will. And obviously with such an answer as to her ALF stance, anything *can* be made of that by any side, support or oppose PETA.

From my perspective, it is difficult to get people to think about the suffering humans inflict on animals unless we keep them as our pets. Your nod to factory farming is appreciated. I agree - I think that slaughter should be humane.

By the way - I still eat meat. Though I really think I'm going to end that. Ingrid once sent me a box of refrigerated vegan food in an effort to sway me. It did, for a bit, but then I fell back into steak. I don't eat much meat; hardly any. However, I went out to an organic farm in Israel and I have to say, even when its done humanely, I think my own personal choice is that I just don't want to eat other animals anymore. I kind of fell for this baby goat:

Cheers, evilbeagle. I think the one thing we should at least all agree upon is that we should be killing humanely, and not ripping off the skin of live animals as they hang to be slaughtered. Hopefully at least humane slaughter is something we can agree upon? The cost-effective methods are there, and in use. Just not by everybody.

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Mr.Shankbone... You have a point, however the problem with Ms. Newkirk is less WHAT she believes than it is the WAY she believes. Do not make the mistake of believing there is any redeeming qualities in fanatism. She is clearly a hypocrit who is more interested in bullying other weaker minded people into doing what she herself clearly cannot, for the sake of her own shallow self validation. Popularity driven self esteem doesn't make her a mean person, it just makes her kinda pathetic.
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I am a vegetarian and have been for 3 years. For the people who are posting "People for the Eating of Tasty Animals", most of you would not eat your steak so lightly if you knew where it came from. Nothing against you, I just wish people knew where their food came from before they ate it. I am a firm believer that knowlege is power.

Though Ingrid is radical, she is still getting her point across and people posting angry messages and posting her quotes are fueling her publicity whore mentality. If you do not like PeTA then do not look her up and do not comment on her life style choices. Simple as pie.

Yes humans' mouths are designed to have an omnivore diet but because we have a higher sence of decision we can choose to eat other wise. The same energy, food, and water used to grow cattle is more wasteful and would be beter used by just giving that same food and water to humans.

The only time I would ever EVEN consider eating an animal would be if there was absolutely nothing else to eat, I killed and cleaned it myself, and i was on the verge of death.
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Just another one of those animal extremists she needs to be sent to the nearists nut house to have her head examened she has been taking too much wacky weed
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