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Throw Them Rolls!

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It's not a food fight, it's the customary way rolls are delivered to diners at Lambert's Cafe in Sikeston, Missouri, which calls itself the "Home of the Throwed Rolls."

Why do they throw rolls?  Apparently, the practice began in the 1970s during a busy day in the Cafe when Norm Lambert was passing around rolls, and one impatient customer yelled "Throw the @$#$@# rolls!" so he did. 

- via intelligenttravelblog

From the Upcoming ueue, submitted by Marilyn Terrell.

Yummmmm....we drove 5 hours down to Lambert's for dinner last fall for my wife's birthday. Great place and great food! Definitely worth the trip!
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Miss Cellania,
Clearly you've never been to, they have no idea.

A friend of mine is from Sikeston and we've been to Lambert's a few times. The novelty wears off pretty quickly, especially once you've taken an errant roll to the side of the head.
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Lambert's has a branches in Ozark, MO and Foley, AL too. We ate there a couple of years ago, and I'd detour out of my way to go back. Serious home cookin', served up large. The throwed rolls are just icing on the cake.
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It was not unheard of to run into people there who had driven for HOURS (think Iowa, Nebraska, Texas panhandle) just to eat dinner there.

Kind of inane, but for the fried okra it is totally worth it.
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I used to take tour groups down to the location in Sikeston about once a month... always a highlight of the trip! And yes, I got pegged by a roll to the head- I use my hands too much when I talk- which was interpreted as a sign- then, whammo! Do yourself a serious favor and go there... but have a cholesterol screening afterward.
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I live in Saint Louis, and I've been to Lambert's a number of times... the menu/food is very similar to Cracker Barrel. The food is very good, not great. I couldn't recommend driving hours to go there just to experience, it, but if you were within an hours drive while traveling, I'd recommend it at least once.

The Ozark, MO location is under 15 minutes from Springfield, MO and about 20 minutes north of Branson, MO.
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I went there a few times back in the '90's, glad to see they are still throwin the rolls. It's little things like that that make a small family owned business superior to large corporate chains. The food is the kind of food you would expect, but the atmosphere is what drives the customers in, and from quite a distance.
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Lived in Sikeston about six years, and went to high school there. Been to Lambert's many times, and several friends work there over the years. As someone else said, the novelty wears off quickly. Love the fried okra and fried potatoes (er, "taters") though. SO GOOD.
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I live a town over from the nearest Lambert's (Pensacola) and I do enjoy it whenever I go in there, the only problem is that they don't have a big selection on the menu.
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My family went up there a couple of years back and we love them! Part of the Lambert's experience is that they walk around with these HUGE bowls of extras and are more than pleased to pile them on your plate. I am talking about fried okra, fried potatoes, etc. And the rolls ain't bad either! I can't wait to go back. Just a hint tho, if it is tourist season, be prepared for a wait just to get in. It's worth it, tho!
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Sure, it's a gimmick -- but you gotta look at all that crap hanging from the ceiling! There is not much clearance to work with. Clearly they grab the local baseball players to chuck those things across the room. And let me tell you, they are hot hot hot!
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I live just outside ST. Louis and every time i go visit my grandparents in Arkansas I make a stop at Lambert's. Sure it's out of the way and the novelty wears off but it is a fantastic local place to eat. And as Chris said all the stuff hanging from the ceilings makes the throwing somewhat impressive. also it's one of the only place i know that brings you mollasses from a bucket to your table
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Just to let you guys know, if you fly in to town Lamberts will pick you up from the airport and drive you to the restaurant where you get to cut in front of everyone in line. It's hard to beat that.
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