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Derringer Cycles

Motorized bicycles have always been one of the the aspirations of "green" transportation, but let's face it: most of them are clunky.

Well, no more: Industrial designer Adrian Van Anz has created a stylish, retro moto-bike that looks like a cross between a Ducati and a Schwinn. Behold, the Derringer Cycles:

Derringers can be pedaled as a traditional bicycle, propelled via engine power, or pedaled with the assistance of engine power. While under power, the pedals can also remain stationary, allowing you to operate in the style of a traditional motorcycle. Capable of fuel economy ratings that can exceed 150 mpg, Derringers are the first product to take the compromise out of environmentalism ... - via diskursdisko

From the Upcoming ueue, submitted by diskursdisko.

sooo, they've invented... wait for it... the MOPED!
Admittedly very much cooler than the ones that were on the market 30 years ago. The uncoolness of mopeds is what killed them, imo- these guys have taken a good approach (especially in appealling to the "green" fad).
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Something nearly identical to this has been available since 1939. Whizzers are nothing new.

It is nice to see this particular concept of cheap, efficient transportation is regaining popularity.
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Yeah, I was wondering how they can claim "revolutionary" for it - things like this have been around for getting on for a century. It's /sort/ of nice to see the old idea resurfacing, but electric would make a lot more sense.
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...which is why the editorial change kind of suprised me. Originally, the post focused more on the retro look and feel of the Derringer bikes than the supposedly 'revolutionary' concept...
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I think the "revolutionary" bit is that you don't look like a total dork while riding. :-P

Incidentally, while I would hop on one of these in a heartbeat, I wouldn't be able to keep it as my primary form of transportation. Where I live, it just isn't practical -- we have these things called "winter" and "thunderstorms." I don't care how green it is, I'm not riding an open vehicle in that kind of weather. It's just not pleasant (or safe!).
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If anyone has learned anything when looking at marketing, the best ideas are rarely new ones. They are just repacked products which are more ascetically/functionally pleasing to the masses.
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Seriously, I'd rather be seen riding a Derringer then being caught dead riding a Segway. But just for the sake of humour, if I am caught dead while riding a Segway please take digital photos to be uploaded onto my Facebook page.
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Nothing new. has been building bikes like that for years. Very affordable too. You can even buy kits to retrofit a regular bike with a gas motor. That last option isn't as stylish as the rat-rod style bikes, it gets the job done, and doesn't make you stand out in a crowd.

I found spookytooth a while back when looking into adding an electric motor to my bike for summer commuting. The electric is a nice option, but limits your range a bit.
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You should check out imperial cycles they design and build comparable bikes with a more custom feel to them at half the cost. Plus they design and build there own frames and they had there own tanks done.

Check them out at:
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