Fashion photographer Greg Kessler takes pictures of runway models before and after makeup. The Moment, the New York Times fashion blog, posts these together so you can slide back and forth from one image to the other. Scroll down at the site to see models from various fashion shows. Am I the only one who thinks they look better without makeup? Link -via Everlasting Blort

(image credit: Greg Kessler)

I'll agree that they look more attractive without. But fashion show makeup often isn't supposed to make models look 'better' in the traditional sense.

Models are basically props on which the designer can drape his or her clothes, so they're not there to look attractive in the same way a man or woman on a date is trying to look attractive. They're merely there to make the clothes look good. Sometimes that makes them appealing as well, but often times not.
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Almost all women look better au naturel, rather than with caked on bat guano. Makeup and beauty products in general are all about women trying to impress other women. As a guy, I could care less about your makeup.
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A couple of them look better with the make up, but I agree that most of them are better off without it. As a whole, none of them, except, IMO, the black model, were especially attractive to begin with.

Johnny Cat, you remind me of my husband. He has said the same thing almost word for word before. That said, I have to disagree only slightly. Make up is meant to enhance a person's looks, and I for one, wear it not to impress other women or even my husband, but to erase a few years and not look like I just rolled out of bed. Caked on and overdone make up is always horrible, but if applied correctly, it really is a good thing.
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Isn't the cardinal rule of wearing make up is to make it appear that you're not wearing any?

That said, I think Mike Jones is right: models aren't there simply to look good, they're there to make the designer's clothes look good!
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the brown girl was so-so, but the other girls were creepy, and i have no idea why anyone would pay them a lot of money, i wouldn't look twice at them, in or out of makeup.
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Makeup is best when it isn't obvious. I think makeup became a turnoff for me in highschool when the girls started putting it on, usually looking more like circus clowns than the pretty girls they were to begin with. Don't get me started about lipstick, in a word: gross.

Maybe it's just me, but I also find most heeled women's shoes repulsive too, flats, sneakers, slippers, loafers even, but, please no heels.
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