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Pink Dolphin Found In US Lake

This image is not photoshopped. This is a rare albino dolphin found in a salt water lake just north of the Gulf of Mexico. Captain Erik Rue who first saw the pink dolphin says it seems quite healthy:
"Surprisingly, it does not appear to be drastically affected by the environment or sunlight as might be expected considering its condition, although it tends to remain below the surface a little more than the others in the pod."

Link Via Weird Stuff News (Photo: Caters News)

Yeah the picture is tweaked to enhance the pink color.
The dolphin is pink but it's more of a duller color... not neon.
It's still pretty cool though. I just hope it has a long healthy and happy life.
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Kind of an interesting study in what counts as "credible" news, imo ... there's no proof in poster #1 & 2's comments that that image was indeed tweaked, and no proof in the original post that it was genuine, but common sense makes me more inclined to believe the "it was tweaked" camp just the same ...

Eh, well, either way it's kind of neat to think that there COULD be a hot pink dolphin out there somewhere =)
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I wasn't saying that it was tweaked just for the sake of saying it... you can google up images of the dolphin and clearly see that it's not hot pink :P
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Does anyone else here watch "The Venture Brothers?"

Because all I can think of is HOT DOLPHIN whenever I see this, and then I giggle like a school girl for an hour.
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Really? I never knew pink dolphins were albinos... I just went to an Ocean Park last November/December, they had three pink dolphins doing stunts for them. Thought they were a usual occurrence.
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I believe the link that Miss Cellania gave is a better picture of the dolphin from a couple years ago. It shows its true albino tone. The link is e/
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The link that Miss Cellania sent is not the same picture at all, the dolphin is not even swimming in the same direction. Therefor her link proves nothing. The picture could have been tweaked or it could just be a lighting difference, you would be amazed at what lighting can do. I am not saying the picture was not tweaked, I have no idea, I am just pointing out that nothing in this post proves that it is. Either way, I think the pink dolphin is beautiful. I think what Ali S. said was funny, how true!
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