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Dinosaur and Kids

(YouTube link)

Talk about interacting with living history- the Los Angeles Natural History Museum has dinosaurs roaming the hallways! This eerily realistic puppet was created by Erth Visual and Physical, Inc. -via Greg Laden's Blog

It's real all right (if you look closely at it's legs, you can see the performers knees, in black leotard). If you want to see more, search for "Walking with Dinosaurs - the Live Experience".
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My hind-brain trips back to small-mammal memories... easy to see how (not just) children are skittish around this critter. The puppeteer could easily have provoked panic... any sudden movements cause an amazing rise in tension. Very, very cool.
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I'm 40 years old and I'm fairly certain I'd have soiled myself if I had seen that thing coming down the hall at me. Brilliant bit of puppeteering. Here is a funny clip from Regis and kelly... the put a T-Rex out on Columbus Circle in NYC...
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heh you know its a good illusion when it sends little kids into a panic and they scatter. :P

That is really cool, they should give the actor shoes with pop-out skates so he/she can go fast enough to chase people down on a whim. I imagine after a while the little kids would realize it can't move fast enough to get them.
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The Australian Museum in Sydney's got one by the same people, a 2-year old Muttaburrasaurus called Winnie. The suit's surprisingly lightweight & durable, and has animatronic blinking eyes and a moving mouth hooked up to a speaker. Goes down a treat during school holidays. Still freaks me out sometimes if I bump into it coming around a corner.
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Hey hajirock

just so you know we actually made our dinosaurs well before the "Walking with Dinosaurs" show was up and running.
The cool thing is that you can actually touch ours and have a real experience.

And Scooter - we also made a herbivorous Triceratops for the Museum.
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