Bug, the Model Rat

The cutest rat you've ever seen is named Bug, and she's quite the internet darling. Bug is owned by 18-year-old photographer Jessica Florence. 3-year-old Bug doesn't mind posing with a variety of props.
'Actually,' says Jessica, 'it's easier to get her in the right position than you'd think. I just wait until it's late at night and she's really sleepy so can't be bothered to scurry away. Then I just follow her round with my camera until I get a good shot.'

Link to story. Link to Bug's Flickr set. -via Unique Daily

(image credit: Jessica Florence)

SOme of her photos were posted on Cute Overload a while ago..guess that's what got her so much attention. Very awesome and her photos are adorable! You have to watch the video of her ratty too... very cute at how lazy the lil thing is heh.
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Ageing monk's devotion leaves deep mark on temple

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@ Gail Pink
Rats aren't disease carrying vermin unless they live in disease infested areas. Like, say, sewers. If you got your rat from a pet shop and not off the street, you are fine. But you knew that already, right?
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Fancy rats are what you get in pet stores, and they are a domestic rat that have nothing to do with what you do find in the sewers. They are very clean, can be taught to use a litter box, and incredibly social. Just adding to the defense of the rat. They are great pets.
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Her real character is in her eyes. My rat, Gandalf, was a rescue rat. He came from a lab where well-meaning scientists grew things on his back for awhile, then gave him to a trusted local pet store. His eyes always had that look of panic, due to his upbringing. Bug seems to have been raised right. Big Hugs((bug)).
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Yeah I wasn't talking about that one (it's just as cute though)... these photos have been posted on CO before along w/ the video of the ratty falling asleep on her hand.

Anywho, not that it matters rofl...

I'd love to have an actual pet rat. I had one when I was younger, but it was just a feeder rat that was mean as hell.
I dunno if I could deal with having one though considering how short their lives are. Would be so heartbreaking not having a lot of time w/ them.
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I've had rats on and off all my life so I loved these pictures. I can't have any right now though because I live in a dorm but as soon as I move out I'm getting another. I've even fostered rats before and I think that they are the best pets out there even if other people seem to think that they are gross.
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