Most Unfortunate Names

Parents may think they are showing their sense of humor when they name their baby, but how would YOU like to go through life with a name like Terry Bull, Paige Turner, Justin Case, Barb Dwyer, or Anna Sasin? Those are some of the names of real people uncovered in Britain.
Retired airman Stan Still, 76, from Cirencester, Gloucestershire, said his name had been "a blooming millstone around my neck my entire life".

"When I was in the RAF my commanding officer used to shout, 'Stan Still, get a move on' and roll about laughing," he said.

"It got hugely boring after a while."

The names were compiled through The Baby Website and through phone directories. There are more names in this story from the BBC. Link -via Buzzfeed

These are hilarious, but very cruel and unfortunate. I thought I had it bad with my unusual name, but it doesn't even begin to compare to these. I wonder about parents who do this sort of thing, if they do it on purpose at all.

That said, when I was a kid, some of my neighborhood friends had the last name Ho. Their mother was named Ida. We all called her Spud. She was apparently fine with this as she took her husband's last name and had a good sense of humor about her nickname. She even began introducing herself as Spud.
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Our youngest born in 1975 was named Pepper. My wife watches a lot of TV and liked the name from the Angie Dickinson ploice show when she played Pepper Anderson.
Her friends all thought we were hippies or something. I always told her that if she was in a crowd with a thousand people and someone yelled "hey Pepper" it would be for her, unlike if someone yelled "hey Debbie".
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I was in line at the grocery store the other day and I hear a lady calling to her Daughter, her name was Genesis.

When we left I asked my Wife and we were both like WTF!
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You know there is a place and time for humor. Choosing someone's name that they will be forced into for at least 18 years isn't the time.

I feel for whoever was named Justin Case. Whenever someone says that, or says "Just in time", I always turn my head thinking they are talking to me.
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I worked with a woman named Dusty Boner. Pronounced just like you would expect it to be. I'm surprised she didn't end up in jail later for killing or maiming her parents for that, actually.
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I've worked with people named Retunja and Niptheria.

When my wife and I were thinking about babynames for our daughter, I suggested Ursula. You know, the strength of a bear would be a good name to live up to. She nixed it firmly.
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My fiance is a recovering Southerner who has the habit of referring to her female friends as "Miss Jessica" or "Miss Tiffany"... One of our friends has the unusual name America (I do wonder if there's a story behind that one) that's led to a foot-in-mouth situation for my fiance on more than one occasion. Still none of these are as bad as the Keene, NH code enforcer Richard Head.
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@Gail Pink

While it's easy enough to change one's name, there are to big reasons I did not change my name, as much as I hate it:

1. No one in my family would ever use the new name if I had changed it. It would have been a major point of conflict, especially with my mother. Ultimately, not worth the hassle.

2. By 18, unless your name is REALLY awful, you get used to it. I hate my name, but getting used to a new one is just not something I would find very easy to do.

That doesn't mean that when it comes up, I don't remind my mother what a stupid name I have. And that sort of ammo is priceless. And yes, I have a good relationship with my mother.
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How 'bout those Swedish kids named Ikea?
Another one is another young Swede got named Lego. Never mind Zack the LEGO Maniac, it's Lego, the LEGO Maniac! (if he does the LEGO thing, that is.)
I was told by my 6 grade teacher that she once had kids named Rusty Bolt and Barbie Doll.
But, I'd say Ikea would be the worst of these. Particle board, anyone? Flat Pack probably wouldn't be quite so bad, instead.

Give it a Splat!
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I knew a woman whose baby was delivered by, no lie, Dr. Harry Beaver. His practice was in Manassas, VA, but I believe he may be retired now. He is still found by googling, however:
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