Chicken Fried ... Bacon!

Photo: yi [Flickr]

It was just a matter of time before someone made it: behold the chicken friend bacon, as photographed by YiMay Yang of Chinese American Princess blog - via Rue the Day.

Heart attack in 3 ... 2 ... 1 ....

"Heart attack in 3...2...1..."

It's bad enough that this bacon obsession won't just end already, but the heart attack and stroke comments are just as trite. You are allowed to eat bacon and you probably won't die unless you over do it. Anything will kill you if you do it in excess.

That said I love chicken, I love bacon, but I would rather have them separate.
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This has been done before a fair while ago. Not sure if he was the first, but it would seem fitting, since this is, after all, in Texas:

Dated October 2006. Apparently it's really tasty. Who knew?

Then again: I love chicken breasts wrapped in bacon rashers. So I guess it figures.
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The heart attack comment (and the food itself) are just hyperbole. I still think they are entertaining so keep em coming!

Truthfully though I don't understand "chicken fried". It just looks battered and fried to me?
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linty: It is indeed just battered and fried. Chicken doesn't have anything to do with this recipe - "Chicken fried" refers to the Southern process of battering chicken for deep frying. Think KFC. The process itself is pretty simple: dip the meat (chicken, steak, bacon) into flour, run through mixed eggs (white & yolk), drop into your batter, and then fry. Chicken fried bacame a term after people fried steak using the same recipe, and now it is the generic term for the process. There are probably a thousand variants for chicken-fried anything, but that's the recipe from Kirbyville, Texas.
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Pfft... that's old news. Saw a clip a while ago about some restraunt that sells that as an appetizer.
I love bacon, I love fried chicken... I just don't want the 2 to mix.
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I have eaten it (once) at Sodolak's Country Inn in Snook, Texas. It was served with a side of cream gravy for dipping. Tasty, but after a few bites, you are kind of overwhelmed with the fattiness of each of the ingredients. It is definitely an appetizer to be shared - you likely won't want to eat the whole thing yourself.
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Dear Mr. SenorMysterioso:

Apparently you have never heard of burgers, salads, hot dogs, burgers, bacon, scallops, cheesteaks, milk, or veal. Adding bacon to each and every one of them yields a magical result. Would you eat and LT sandwhich? Yeah, me neither.
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JT, you need to start understanding what spell check does, before you advocate its use. Nothing in "Chicken FRIEND BACON" is misspelled, so spell check would do nothing in this case. Does it make sense? No, but spell check doesn't fix that for you.
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The chicken-fried bacon stand at the Texas State Fair last year had the longest line out of any of the food stalls. I love bacon, but the smell was positively revolting and I decided to pass this one up in favor of the deep-fried chocolate covered strawberries. I believe I made the wiser choice.
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Ooops. Never posted here before, thought that was some weird captcha... anywaaaays

This reminds me of a post I saw about the Fair in Tampa, FL where they sell Bacon with a chocolate dipping sauce. Sounds disgusting yet, at the same time, tempting!
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Maybe, just maybe, this site should be called grosserama!

This is just vile. Here in the UK, we do civilised things like bread and dripping, sweetmeats and steak and kidnet pudding!

The average UK citizen would find this quite unappetizing - simply NOT enough saturated fat.

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I wouldnt eat an LT but I would never eat a BLT either, however, I often eat just a B. Why ruin a perfectly good sandwich by adding lettuce and tomato. Blech

I should have specified that adding bacon to certain foods does not improve them. Burgers are good to begin with, adding bacon makes them great :)
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