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Bacon Mayonnaise?

...Bayo, perhaps? Whatever it's called, Ryan Farr from Best by Farr (this is his picture, by the way) has whipped up a batch of either the most wonderful or most evil culinary creation ever. He cooked up some bacon fat and then rendered until all of the fat was clarified. Then he strained and separated the fat and used it to make mayonnaise - bacon-flavored mayonnaise. What do you think?

Link via Slashfood

Sweet hell. More bacon? I fail to understand this obsession with a breakfast food that on one hand, crazy, militant vegetarians and wanna be health nuts condemn, yet on the other, has made the internet boring with far reaching attempts to pair it with everything from mayo to cinnamon rolls.

Look, bacon is good food. I love bacon. A lot of people do, but this cultish attitude being built up around it is beyond silly.

I've actually heard from a few people that tried this that it tastes pretty awful.
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thanks internet, you pretty much killed liking bacon. you can't simply enjoy bacon with knowing you're a part of the mouth breathing, "rickroll is ironically funny" thinking, unwashed idiots.
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I love bacon, I love mayo, but the heck if I want bacon flavored mayo. YUCK.
I like my bacon flavor to come from when I'm actually eating bacon.
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I knew a little old lady who would mix a spoonful of bacon drippings into her eggsalad. Her toasted sandwiches were awesome.
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bacon flavored lip balm

i think coupon code operationbaconsalt gets it for 1.99 shipped
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