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A Fish with a Transparent Head

Macropinna macrostoma (common name "barreleyes") can rotate its eyes to a vertical position; because its head is transparent, it can then see predators or prey above itself without moving its body!

Two net-caught individuals contained fragments of jellyfish, which must have been their last meal. Such a potentially painful dinner requires incredible stealth, so it's now thought that barreleyes carefully maneuvers its body near such stinging organisms, keeping its "eyes on the prize," as the researchers said, throughout the entire hunt. Its tiny mouth then picks at the victim while a transparent shield protects the fish's eyes. - via reddit

(image credit: Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute)

From the Upcoming ueue, submitted by Minnesotastan.

The two dark spots in front are not the eyes, those are the "nose", the eyes are those 2 green blobs inside the transparent head. After knowing that, it's not so cute anymore...
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Gah, imagine how sensitive those eyes must be, and with no eyelids for protection. . . and theyre shining their lights right into them! Ow!
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does that make anyone else think of "Krang" from teenage mutant ninja turtles (the cartoon)?

i guess childhood cartoons really do have bearing on your adult psyche.
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While this fish is certainly neat, and the first thing that crossed my mind was, "Can ya eat it?", it's hard to look at. Something about it just skeeves me out to no end.
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"“Behold God’s handiwork. evolution, the big lie”

LOL Aw, you poor thing… "

I would like to second this statement :p

on topic: I seriously thought it was photoshopped up until I saw it posted on national geographic.. seriously mindblowing.. Evolution is amazing.

*looks up at MommaBear's comment and grins*
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