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How Old Is Your Brain?

How old is your brain? This fun little Flash Game will calculate it for you!

A year or two ago I remember seeing a video that showed how chimps have better memories than people, and a similar game to this one was used to demonstrate this fact. 

The instructions at the site are in Japanese, here is a translation:

1. Touch "Start"

2. Wait for 3,2,1

3. Memorize the numbers' position on the screen, and then click the circle from the smallest number to the largest.

4. At the end of the game, the age of your brain will be calculated.


From the Upcoming ueue, submitted by Rob H..

Well, it was an ego boost but I'm not sure it's accurate -- it rated my 37-year-old brain as 26. But I may just have the right kind of brain for it because I look at computer screens all day, and I tend to remember things visually.
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Yay. My brain is waaaaaay younger than my body.
Wish my body looked to be that of the age of my brain though. :/
My brain is 23.
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I screwed up on a couple of cases where I pressed 1 first before 0, eve though I knew where both 0 and 1 were lol...

Anyways that made my 21 year old brain be rated as 36. ouch.
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I'm 19 but my brain age is in its mid 35! This is depressing but not surprising results. I've got to stop being so indulgent on being neurotic.
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I am 51 and my first game was - I don't remember - lol. Actually I got a 38 and a 32 on my second. Needless to say I love this game.
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40 with a 20 year old brain.
Yeah, I'll take that.

I certainly hope I don't have the maturity of a 20 year old, though. -That- would be depressing.
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20 is the best brain age. ( my best score is 7/10 calculate BA = 20 but i want to know 10/10 how many BA calc. =? and I cheat by printscr button on keyboard and paste in paint program ;D and i've known by win this test 10 times challenge. BA = 20 is best score if more than this it's perform ur brain r old and low efficiency.)

7/10 8/10 9/10 10/10 - 20 is best score . but 7/10 is show by ur miss order between 20-25.

... i'm 20 y.o. ;)
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