"Extinct" Bird Seen, Eaten

An extremely rare bird was photographed by a TV crew in the Philippines in January, just before it was sold at a poultry market.
Found only on the island of Luzon, Worcester's buttonquail was known solely through drawings based on dated museum specimens collected several decades ago.

Scientists had suspected the species—listed as "data deficient" on the International Union for Conservation of Nature's 2008 Red List—was extinct.

The buttonquail is a reclusive bird, and no one knows how many may remain hidden. Link -via Digg

(image credit: Arnel B. Telesforo)

Oh man i'm jealous of who ever got to eat this. say what you want but it is my lifes ambition to eat as many endangered species as i can, as of yet though i haven't had any to speak of. i knopw its weird but i really really want to do this. I am a terrible person but a man wants what a man wants..
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Save the whales. Eat them later.
Actually, I'm super bummed about that discovery. I'm off to Africa in 2 weeks. If I find something new and crawly, I PROMISE I won't eat it.
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chrome-- a little fixated on the movie "The Freshman," are we?

Marissa - perhaps not knowing the status of the bird in the wild, the person buying it only wanted to feed his family. Not everyone has access to information to determine if the food they are about to eat is endangered, or they do not have a choice ("let's see--I can buy this and eat it, or I can starve...")
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I seem to recall a story where Charles Darwin (who was part of a club that ate exotic/endangered species in college) spent a lot of time looking for a rare bird only to discover he'd eaten it the night before. The specimen they ended up sending back was made up of his leftovers.
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@ Marissa - So better to starve then? Are you willing to volunteer to be the one to starve and send your food to people who don't have a ridiculously large assortment of edibles to choose from on a daily basis?
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Everybody gets all uptight about this but public meat markets all over the world are where rare species sometimes pop up.

Wasn't one of the first Coelacanths sent to a taxidermist?
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I think it's a shame that this was the last of its kind and it got eaten, but if it was the last of its kind, it was going to die and end up an extinct species anyway. Also, I'd rather see a poor family get a meal than preserve a doomed creature.
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Ditto on loving quail. Mmm Saddest thing about a delicious well prepared quail? So..Darn...Tiny! The size is soo tiny you'd need like 4 of them to really feel full. But alas, thats just the way it is with most "gourmet" food. Rich on flavor and presentation, but itty bitty portions.
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4 all the people saying that these people would have starved, don't you think they would've added that? I'm sure they could've put some additional detailing to the entire thing. And seriously, what idiot displays a bird on camera and then sells it to a poultry market? That seems cruel to me........
"Here we have a very odd looking bird on TV, and now we will sell it to a poultry market."
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