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What Is It? Game 91

W00t! It's time for our collaboration with the ever-awesome What Is It? blog - this week's mystery object is this gun: can you tell us what it is for? (It has a very specific function)

Place your guess in the comment section - the first to guess correctly will get a Free Neatorama T-Shirt. If no one got it, then the funniest guess will win. One guess per comment, please, though you can enter as many times as you wish.

For more clues, check out the What is it? Blog - good luck!

Update 2/20/09 - The answer is A Rokuoh-Sha Type 89 machine gun camera, used to train Japanese aviators in aerial gunnery. The first guess that's specific enough was #15, by "Give the shirt to the funniest answer :)" So, per that request, the free shirt goes to: Melphistopheles for his guess of early colonoscopy device!

Congrats Mel - and thank you to everybody for their awesome guesses. That was fun!

Combination radar/speeder gun device. I think they've outlawed these now, but it used to be legal for Mounties to shoot you if you went a certain number of miles over the speed limit in Canada. I think.
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it fires a harpoon ands the attaching cord spools from the transparent angled tube over the muzzle. the fold out crank is for winding the harpoon back in.

What the actual target it is defeats me.
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a camera used to capture combat footage - the cameraman asked for this customization so as to not be distinguishable from other soldiers (during Vietnam, I believe) - but it seems to ma that the enemy would be much less likely to draw down on a cameraman ...
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Its a 1950 ant-eater feeder. It was pressed to the ground and used to collect ants into the glass tube. This way when you came upon an ill tempered ant eater, you simply had to offer him a tasty treat before traveling through the grasslands of Central or South America.
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It appears to be a "gun camera" training device. By replacing a machine gun with this camera, you can tell whether you really had somebody "in one's sights," during a training exercise. Judging from the lack of sights, it replaces an unsyncronized, over-the-wing fixed gun.
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I would have to say that is an ancient CS/ mace/ pepper spray/ whatever you wanna call it shooter. By the size and sturdy looks might need a vehicle or a tripod to serve as a stand.
So yeah... I think this might be a riot control minigun.
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It's a bug catcher. Bugs get sucked into the clear collection chamber which detaches so your kids can view the critters. Do not use on daddy longlegs or crane flies because their legs tend to get ripped from their bodies.
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In fact there is one for sale on eBay right now.|66%3A2|65%3A12|39%3A1|240%3A1318|301%3A1|293%3A1|294%3A50
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It's a Bowfishing DRAG FISH REEL . Draw, aim shoot: haul back the line with the reel. Maybe with fishy attached, if you are a good shot.
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Yup it's a Type 89 Machine-gun Camera by Rokuoh-sha, there's a wikipedia entry on it here:
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Movie camera of some kind I think. Military recon, presumably. If it is, it's WWII I think. Uses the same paint and construction styles as other junk from that time.
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LOLkittenLauncher. Type PE-WP-EW-1337. The clear glass chamber is where you store 2 to 5 LOLkittens. The amout of kittens one is able to fit in there is proportional to their cutenessfactor.
In case of a shortage of cute kittens, the larger chamber in the back is loaded with a so-called "JackinDE"box containing .38 cheezburgers.
I can has?
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It's not a camera gun, it's a camera gun. It shoots tiny movie cameras which are used for all sorts of interesting shots. This is what they used to do some of those "bullet time" shots that were made famous in The Matrix.
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You know what it looks like, that weapon in the first Matrix movie. The one Cypher used to kill Dozer, and then Tank used to kill Cypher.
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It's a Barbie Defabricator. Insert Barbie into the nozzle, click, and 90 seconds later her clothes appear freshly washed and dried in the collection chamber.

The Defabricator is usually pink though. This one was owned by a perv.
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It's a ballistic test gun. You put a small helpless animal like a bunny or kitten in the window area at front, pull the trigger, and see how much goo dispersal you get from various types of ammo.
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the crank looks like it might transfer torque to a shaft, and the unit might be held held vertically. Some sort of core sampler w/ view compartment?
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It's a coin-operated ping-pong ball gun for use at amusement parks. Put a coin in, you get a certain amount of ping pong balls, shoot them at targets. The metal bar by the stock is a mount, pulled back for this picture for some reason.
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While this doesn't give you an answer based on what I think the device was... but a remark based on what I think it should be used for:

"The best way to film people who want to be on Reality TV shows."

Let's start with the oldest show, Real World, and work our way up to the most obnoxious, saving them for last.

Oh, and if you can fit the cast of The Hills in there somewhere, that would be great.
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looks like a bolt gun used at a slaughterhouse.

User aims at the cows head, and hits it with a bolt, knocking the cow unconscous. this way the animals throat can be split and it won't feel any pain (except that of being hit by a heavy bolt). user reels in the bolt and waits for the next animal to come along.

i've never seen a slaughterhouse bolt gun, but the guy who wrote Fast Food Nation gives a good description, and that thing above is exactly what i imagined!
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It's a gun with built movie camera. It's a pity in spite of this camera ... we haven't been able to eliminate bad acting in movies.
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