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The New Simpsons Intro

[YouTube - Link]

After almost 19 years of the classic Simpsons introduction scene today the brand new HDTV intro with brand new drawings and animation is being heralded across the interwebs. Being a life long fan of The Simpsons TV show this really is quite a breath of fresh air to the tired yet famous intro scene. So far since this post there have been up 521,439 views alone on YouTube since February 13th.

Good job, but I wouldn't agree that the original was tired or needing updating (beyond the HDTV resolution.) Maybe it was too much of a reminder of how much funnier the show was a generation ago.
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Meh, Still not going to watch it. Call me when the show is canceled and they bring Futurama back. Or even more inovative than new opening titles, How about letting the kids age two or three years?
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Same here, though I think I was at least an embryo when it premiered. Also, aging the kids is still trying too hard to be funny, which is what they've been doing. Maybe the writing needs to be stripped down, be more subtly funny? The characters are to self aware...
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I don't care what anyone says... I still love the Simpsons. No not all of the episodes are great, but no show is perfect.
Really like the new opening, but liked the original as well and would've been happy w/ it for forever :)
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I miss the old Simpsons, back when it was funny and relevant. What's being touted at The Simpsons now is tired and repetitive and makes me pine more for the days when it made me laugh.
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I think I would be irritated by the change if I watched the Simpsons anymore. Like some of the other people who have commented, I miss the old days when the Simpsons was funny and fresh, rather than the tired, self-aware cartoons trying to keep up with the equally tired Family Guy.
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the statue's head is cut off in the beginning of the opener, but then the couch hides behind a fully intact statue later. inconsistent?
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The new intro was great - what we could see of it. Our local Fox outlet cropped the sides off this and the other Sunday night shows. There were times characters were completely offscreen, along with chunks of text.
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"Justin E
February 15th, 2009 at 9:05 pm

You can finally see how much Maggie costs!"

$486.52 after she gets beeped, but the sign says $243.26 before she's passed over the scanner. That means Maggie costs exactly as much as the total of the food before she's scanned into the total. Maggie costs $243.26. Hrm. I thought babies went for more than that...
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Going frame by frame just before you catch Homer driving into the driveway will show some little gems... One of them is a even-if-you-don't-blink-you'll-miss-it shot of God fighting the Devil. It's seekable with the youtube video progress slider.
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