Cat Remote

A remote control for your cat? Good luck with that! Notice the fine print says "No batteries required. Powered by positive thinking." Only $6.99 when they get more in at Think Geek. Link -via the Presurfer

If only this worked...I would never be bit up again.

Skipweasel - My cat tries to do that, or more like wake me up in the middle of the night by pouncing and gnawing viciously on my arm because he's hungry. It doesn't work, though - I just lock him out of my room :D
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lir:- Trouble is, she's deaf and I'm not. We think she's 21 this spring (she moved in 18 years ago and she wasn't box-fresh then) and is so deaf that she can't hear her own voice - she like many deaf oldies, she shouts very loud indeed.
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I like the Eject Furball button, but it also needs a pause button to delay the ejection until cat can be located off the rug and onto the tile, or better yet, outside!
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Haha oh I'd so love one of these. . .My cat runs away when I try to pet it in the mornings. Not quite sure why.

I had a 20 year old who was quite deaf as well as blind, and when she'd get lost in the house, she'd start meowing until we came to find her.

She'd also make the most horrible noises when she'd play with bags. . . we always had to check to make sure she was just playing and not really stuck. But it was nice she kept on playing even at that age. :)
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I have found the best behavior deterrent. I bought some spray bottles at the warehouse store. I fill them with water and place them around the house. When my precious angel starts to sharpen his claws on my new carpet, climbs on the bookcase or rattles the metal mini blinds, I just aim and give him a quick squirt with the spray bottle. It doesn't hurt them and you will see quick results. I must add a work of caution. Make sure that there are no expensive electrical devices are in the line of fire. If that remote would only work.....
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