Broken Picture Telephone

This online game is like the old telephone game, except with pictures. It starts with a post-it note describing a scene. The first player draws the scene. The second player only sees the picture the first player drew, and write what they think it is. The next player draws a picture illustrating the previous player's words. Players only see what the one player previous drew or wrote. But after eleven steps (ten players), you can see the whole game. In fact, anyone can see completed games, like the one shown. Some games stay close to the original scene, but some stray strangely far afield. Link -Thanks, DaMamaJama!

you need an account so they can email you results, they take a while to filter threw, cause of the stages, and you don't get to choose where in the game you start off at. still waiting for a few of mine to finish, and see how my superb drawing skills get interpreted, lol.
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O my god people, if you dont wanto to register, just check te gallery. Ive been laughing for about an hour, this i sjust funny as hell. In fact i think that draqing aint that funny, as watching the gallery.
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Site is back up now - unfortunately the old games were lost, but the 400+ games that have finished in the last 30 hours are ridiculous! Less bugs and more features! I think I did at least 20 games last night...
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