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Party Crashes Store

Our old friend French prankster Remi Gaillard assembled a bunch of friends for a party - and crashed a "party store." The store's employees were [understandably] not amused. [YouTube]

This is pure vandalism. I hope that the publicity can at least make up for their loss of revenue.

Every single person on that bus should hand out $5-10 to this business.
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I would be very, very surprised if the store wasn't fully compensated for this mess.

Gaillard is on French TV sometimes. If this video was done in conjunction with television then I'm certain the store would have had to be compensated.

Including a scene wherein Gaillard's accountant hands the store a check for damages would have made the video far less funny.
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There's nothing worse than working a joe job and then having to deal with a shithead who imposes his awesome idea into your world and then leaves you to clean up his awesome mess. What a bunch of assholes.
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mon chéri, mon beau chéri pour qui mon coeur désire ardemment. je ne demande rien de vous ; mais cela que vous mangez de mon fromage stinky et buvez profondément de mon vin bon marché.
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they need to pay for their ENTIRE INVENTORY~

im a shop owner and thats what i would have demanded/sued for~

i would also press vandalism charges~

what a bunch of dicks~

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"Every single person on that bus should hand out $5-10 to this business."

I don't think that comes close to covering the loss of inventory and clean up cost. Perhaps Remi Gaillard should crash a prison next time. LET'S .... IMPRISON ... OURSELVES!! YEAAAH!! I betcha that would be entertaining! :)
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I can't stand this guy. I'll admit to having watched almost every video he's made (they're hard to turn away from) and most of them are mean-spirited and destructive. I'm all for harmless fun, but Remi's "fun" is anything but. Even if he was to pay for his damages after the camera switched off, it doesn't make the crimes he commits excusable. I love a good prank, but you can't just go destroying stuff for lulz and think everything's fine. I have to seriously question anyone who thinks this is good, acceptable behavior.
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Hilarious idea, but I would have stuck to just glitter and confetti, since that's easy to sweep up. Silly sting leaves greasy marks on stuff, smells bad, can hurt your eyes.
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@Chrome : French wine is not cheap. If it were, the French wine industry wouldn't be suffering from Chile/Argentina/Australia and US competition...

Sinon c'était marrant!
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Didn't even bother watching. His other stuff is thoughtless and stupid, I assume this was the same. Why are the French so attracted to jackasses?
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Why didn't the store clerks just walk out the front door and lock everyone in. Let them have their fun, but they're not getting out till the police let them out, and into a paddy wagon.
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I agree with Justinm7.

Also, why are they spreaying white foam? Silly string is bad enough, but just foam? Great way to ruin everything and make eveything else 10 times as hard to clean.
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Not funny. Not clever. Hope the store sues this selfish prick for loss of trade, inconvenience and assault (which is what spraying staff with foam constitutes) bigtime. I certainly would.
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That was completely obnoxious. These pranksters shouldn't be surprised if, every now and again, one of the people being pranked decides to knock a prankster's lights out. I might get a kick out of that, come to think of it.
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