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Bear Hugs: $2

Zookeepers in Cairo are charging visitors to actually go inside the animal cages. Hugging bears, feeding crocodiles, pestering seals and provoking lions can all be achieved for under ten bucks!

I don't know what's worse, the exploitation of these poor animals or the stupidity of the patrons for getting inside an enclosure with a live bear.

Photo: Nasser Nuri/Reuters

An Egyptian family asked to play with the lions. Two dollars, said the zookeeper. The mother nodded and the zoo employee motioned to them to come to a side door away from the row of cages and mesmerized onlookers.

The zookeeper looked nervous, peering up and down the sidewalk. Seeing none of the authorities, he swung the door open and beckoned the family of four inside. By the time the family had entered, the zookeeper had grabbed a lion cub and hoisted it into the arms of the startled teenage son. Another lion cub looked on from a few feet away.

The family posed for photos. The cub snarled with displeasure.


From the Upcoming ueue, submitted by bethtucker.

Yeah. Whatever it takes to thin out the herd, I guess. The guys charging the 2 bucks will eventually get fired, but the people that pay are way too stupid to be allowed to survive and procreate.
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Hey - if the bear gets a bite and then the whole person. The zoo keepers need not worry about where the next meal for the bear is coming from.
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I got to do this when I was about ten when I went to Cairo zoo, I thought it was public knowledge lol, only the lion part though fed them and got to play with lion cubs :D
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Wow.... unreal! Although I would love to get a hug from a panda bear, I'm not stupid enough to get in a cage with a wild animal. I'm reposting this story on the SocialVibe blog, our members would have a lot to say about it.
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I'm going to go out on a limb here: maybe this is more about the zoo employees need for money, than offending our western sense of "animal rights?" Just a wild guess!
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