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Watch a master make noodles by hand

Today's shocking news that Kung Fu Panda had won 15 "Annie" Awards and shut out WALL-E led me to explore the DVD. The extras include a bonus video of Danny Yip, executive noodle chef at Mr. Chow making noodles by hand. I've never seen that done before, and it is magical.

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Wow that's actually extremely amazing. It was kind of mesmerizing. That guy was fantastic and Alton Brown is awesome. Great job Danny Yip! I want some yummy noodles now.
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Actually, DO try that at home. Noodle making is neither magic or master chef stuff, just takes a bit of practice.

//and cutting off the last 10-20cm ends isn't just to separate the strands - it's to remove the dough that hasn't been stretched (and therefore doesn't have any gluten in it).
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Super Cool...Alton Brown is EVERYWHERE!

But 'Kung Fu Panda' was the best Animated Film of last year?!?! Things I'm reading point to it as a 'Best Animated Movie From a Studio Who Generally Produces Astounding Monkey Feces' Award.
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.... u can just see that in about every street that has a noodle shop in Shanghai..

and.. yup.. as someone had mentioned.. pasta is not made this way.. this is Ramien... "pull noodle"

also.. check out these noodles..
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When I lived in Manhattan I used to go to a restaurant called super taste on eldridge street and you could see people in the back making noodles like this. awesome noodle soup there.
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