Autistic Kid Plays High School Basketball

After years of fetching water, Jason gets the chance to play a game...

Link [YouTube] - via Pusha

I've seen that story a few times, but it never ceases to put a smile on my face.

Aside from the kid's awesome play, the coaches move to get him into the game was a class act.
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J-Mac is his name, the title for the video is pretty bad and it's nothing new. "Autistic Kid"?

He met GW Bush. He's a local celebrity here in Rochester.

The video was shot by a student there to cover the game- he was on team 1591 Greece Gladiator Robotics for FIRST. He (I forget his name because it's so long ago) was offered a job doing video for the local baseball team.

It's a great story, indeed-
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It's neat that this story has come to life again. It is indeed a year or so old and made the rounds once before. I have seen it posted as new again no less than a dozen times in the past 24 hours. This is proof that it is an excellent story.
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I have always had a completely different reaction to this story. The coach must be a complete jerk. That idiot kept a natural long shooter on the bench because he was autistic. The school should have lynched the coach. If I was that boy's father, I would consider suing the school for discrimination.
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Just goes to show the old saying about "Those who can't do teach" is completely wrong. He had been the assistant coach far years.
Bet the Couch also had to think back on how many games he should have played this guy before.
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This is response to dsfgsdfgs.........

What kind of comment is that? Was it even neccessary!

This is an incredible story! It gives inspiration to so many people.
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Damn you people are easily impressed. Nobody played defense on this tard. If I get out on the court and nobody plays D on me I'm going to drop 50 on you in the amount of time he did.
Impressive would have been the other team playing hard on him and he still did that well.

This is equal to the swim race warren sapp had with michael phelps that sapp won after phelps gave him a 55 foot head start.
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You can't possibly be that heartless or stupid to really believe the drivel you spout. An autistic young man, playing for the first time in a real game sinks 6 3-pointers and you've got the gall to downplay the accomplishment. And you call him a "tard"? I think we know who the idiot is!
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