The Thing + GI Joes + Disco-Dance Music = ?

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I'll tell you what it equals awesome, baby! A mighty and fitting homage/tribute to the gruesome blood chilling movie The Thing using GI Joes and crazy Disco-Dance music from the Parisian band Zombie Zombie. If you don't enjoy the music I suggest hitting the mute button though I do believe the music lends this clip a certain sense of anxiousness and suspense similar to that felt throughout the John Carpenter movie.

via BoingBoing - Link
Zombig Zombie band - Link

I really love this video... I especially loved it when Neatorama posted it in the summertime?
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Not disco : zombie-zombie is a crazy scientist and musical project based in paris lead by two people, professor etienne jaumet and cosmicneman who use sound and rhythm to explore the feeling of fear growing inside of you.

they draw inspiration from horror movie soundtracks by the likes of romero and carpenter as well as from bands like goblin, suicide, raymond scott, silver apples ...
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I was thinking the same thing...

you guys need to check your old posts, I can understand revisiting something from 1+ yrs, but this is pretty recent for people who come here daily
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Awesome animation.
But why is buzzer working for the Joes?

note to some people - Some of us may not have seent he posting the first time around way back last year or there abouts. So it is new to us.
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