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Basketball Coach Who Won 100 - 0 Now Fired

Covenant school girls basketball coach Micah Grimes, whose team beat won 100 to 0 in a shut out ball game against a team from Dallas Academy, was fired Sunday for not apologizing for the win:

Grimes, who has been criticized for letting the game get so far out of hand, made it clear in the e-mail Sunday to the newspaper that he does not agree with his school's assessment.

"In response to the statement posted on The Covenant School Web site, I do not agree with the apology or the notion that the Covenant School girls basketball team should feel embarrassed or ashamed," Grimes wrote on

"We played the game as it was meant to be played. My values and my beliefs would not allow me to run up the score on any opponent, and it will not allow me to apologize for a wide-margin victory when my girls played with honor and integrity."

Link - via J-Walk Blog

Do you think that they should've invoked the Slaughter Rule? Do you think that Coach Grimes did the right thing by letting the other team lose so badly? Or was it unsportsmanlike conduct?

Its a little overkill yes, but so is getting fired, as the job of coach is to lead the team to victory. Had the other team scored once it wouldnt be an issue. IMHO
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How can that be running up the score.. if the opposing team sucks so bad as to loose 100 - zero should the better team simply all lay on their backsides for half a game to let the losers play catch up?

How in the hell is this a good lesson to teach kids... "its ok darling, if you are a loser and can cut it in the real world, the world will stop so you can catch up.... again".... NO WHERE is this a real life scenario.. no one will stop so you can catch up.. industry and society would still be in the dark ages if the world was run like this

get a grip... the coach was obviously getting better results from his girls than the losing coach.. who I assume still has his job... so kids there-in lies your lesson.. don't succeed or you'll get your arse canned.. suck at your job and get promoted...

the world will be full over politicians and weathermen soon enough!
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I'm going to present an opposing viewpoint here. I think it's unsportsmanlike. The right thing to do is to acknowledge that the game is essentially over, and call it a win by forfeit.

The two teams are obviously mismatched - which happens regularly during high school sports. There's no excuse to humiliate the other team by running up the score like that.

A life lesson here: it's better to win or lose gracefully than behave like jerks.
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I think people are so caught up in the "PC" movement of rewarding and protecting them from competition that things are getting out of hand. Gone are the days when there are MVP awards, not kids get awards just for playing. What happened to the lessons that come from losing, even if it is by a wide margin? I don't even get why losing should be embarrassing in this situation-at least these kids are exercising and in the game, which is more than most kids and adults are doing these days.
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That's ridiculious! Kids need to know how tough it is out there! Sometimes you just get lose terribly! A life lesson I think. The coach is right on this one!
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That's ridiculious! Kids need to know how tough it is out there! Sometimes you just lose terribly! A life lesson in my oppinion. The coach is right on this one!
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Sports are GAMES. Rules, barriers and goals. If they played by the rules and won - then, gasp! They won!

The anyone who believes that there "are no winners - only equals" never figured out how to play a game or was too much of a panty-waisted wuss to play in the first place.

The school authorities are a bunch of communistic fools and don't belong in the United States because this country is REPUBLIC, not communistic.
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If I were the losing teams administration. I would see about hiring this coach.

In this day of "everyone gets a gold star for participating" - I am glad to see that some kids learned a little about reality. When everyone wins, no one has the initiative to do better.

And the media is making Dallas Academy sound like it is full of "slow" kids. When in fact it is not.
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A 100 point lead may seem excessive, but as total game scoring (both teams) it is not impressive.

And invoking the "slaughter rule" is a function of the referees, not the coach. He might suggest it to the refs, but if he calls the game himself he loses, right?

Is something else in play here?
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A win by forfeit would have had to have been decided by the losing team - meaning the coach that was not fired. I've seen situations in which my schools' football teams were losing 60+ to nothing and I would have lost respect for the other team if they took pity on us. I haven't seen clips of the game but the only way I would have called this unsportsmanlike is if the Covenant girls were physically or verbally abusing the team from Dallas Academy. There is nothing unsportsmanlike about practicing hard enough to master the 3-pointer or for putting everything you've got out on the court.

I did read up some more on this interesting news bit. Dallas Academy defines their students as having "learning differences" article listed ADD and dyslexia. A pc term for sure that encompasses some learning handicaps but I doubt that would inspire these girls to want to be treated as invalids.

Much respect to the Covenant team for playing like a team who's worked hard at practices and understands the concept of "finish strong".
Much respect to the Dallas team for taking their loss with dignity and understanding that it's merely a game. And many kudos for strengthening the D as the game progressed rather than becoming dejected and defeated. (scored 35 the first quarter and in the fourth, Covenant only managed 12 points).
Much respect to the Covenant coach for taking a previously 2-19 team, understanding how to make his girls the strong team that they are and for sticking to his morals when put under scrutiny.
Shame on the rest of those involved in this sad tale. A game is a game. It's not whether you win or lose... it's how you comport yourself before, during and after the game. By choosing to forfeit now, they are saying that the hardwork put in by both teams is irrelevant and only thing important is to make sure every game here on ends in a tie.
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just so everyone commenting is aware, the winning team was from a private christian high school populated by "normal" students

the losing team was from a school for mentally challenged individuals.

in other words, people praising this coach/team for being "competitive" basically are supporting the idea of completely embarassing mentally challenged people.
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david23456, did you read Frau's link? These are smart kids who would be ashamed to hear people speaking of them in such a way. We're talking about ADD here, not Down's syndrome! All other issues aside, the school is being portrayed as something it's not. If the kids' disabilities were so severe, they wouldn't be competing with regular schools in the first place.
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I don't think it's unsportsmanlike at all! It sounds to me like the other team is crying to mommy that the other team won't let them win. That's how it happens, there's a winner and a loser and obviously that team really really lost. Deal with it, and go to more practices.
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BenJCarter: The administration was said it was unsportsmanlike, didn't follow the Golden Rule and wanted Coach to issue an apology. When he didn't, he was fired and they issued an apology on behalf of the school (to include "Embarassed and ashamed for winning"). I have no idea if this is a done deal or not but one article mentioned that the school wanted to forfeit of the Dallas Academy game from season records.

david: I've volunteered for Special Olympics Basketball tournaments since high school and not once have I seen a player with ADD or dyslexia... I'm not saying those aren't unfortunate problems but your term is a bit too broad. It's like insinuating that pre-olympic athletes were competitively taunting someone with cystic fibrosis; the situtaion is not that extreme. And these Dallas girls weren't embarassed. They took it in stride which is admirable as a team that has loss nearly every game in the past four seasons.
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Has anyone asked the LOSING team if they ever WANTED to forfeit??? So they lost. Big deal. Now everyone wants to bail them out for losing? Oh, yea. That's what we do nowadays; we bail out losers.
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So, if I have a business that competes with the one across the street and I CRUSH them by being I supposed to feel sorry? Should I not be so good in order to drive some customers their way???
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Mentally challenged? Oh please, you're inferring that the other team had players with down syndrome. Read the article, they're only struggling with dyslexia and ADD.
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First, if the league has no "mercy rule", then the score is acceptable. Second, if there is no "mercy rule", then what does the administration that fired the coach think an acceptable score would have been? One that he wouldn't have to appologize for. Finally, if each girl was doing her best, why should the coach have to appologize? If he was a wrestling coach and his wrestlers pinned all of the wrestlers on an opposing team, would he be expected to appologize to the losing team? I think not.
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I think it's ridiculous that they would make him apologize and fire him b/c he didn't.
I don't think it was overkill at all. He obviously had the better team, and they won. Not his fault, not his players fault that the other team scored nothing.
It's not HIS job, it's not his teams job to give the other team pity points or an undeserved apology.
I'm sure that would've made the losing team feel SO much better, having to be handed points. Pretty much being told, hey, you SUCK, and we're taking pity on you and letting you score! YAY feel better!.. Pulease.
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i have been hearing about this for days on sports center

i don't think he should have been fired

life is rough, ppl need to get used to it. i hate coddling.
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There's a lot left out of the story:
The main thing missing is whether the coach was being unsportsmanlike or not. When it was apparent that the game was a mismatch, did the coach change the focus from just winning, to educating his (and perhaps the other team) on tactics, switching roles, letting second / third string in, etc etc., or did he simply run up the score?

Unsportsmanlike conduct can occur when winning or losing; and neither is something you want to see in a coach.

Quite frankly, the terse statements by both coach and school admin say pretty loudly "pre-existing animosity."
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did the opposing coach ask for the game to stop?....NO. it shows amazing skills on the winning team and amazing dedication for the losing team. Yes, the team came from a school that has mentally challenged kids, but the team members worst condition is ADHD. Guess what, we all have or we wouldn't be on the internet. Get over yourselves people and realize it is a effing game!
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Considering that neither ADD nor ADHD can be "proven to exist in laboratory conditions" (1994 DSM Nurse's Edition) the only thing the losing team was "battling" was the effects of drugs for a non-existant "condition".
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Gawd, where do so many of you come from?

I went to a Big 10 school, love to play sports and win, but winning by a margin of more than 50 points is embarrassing. Trouncing an opponent this badly, that never really stood a chance and wasn't talking smack, is also embarrassing. Shooting three pointers and cheering wildly in the 4th quarter with a score like this is pathetic. Pretending that you have Christian and sportsman like values after all is said and done is a lie.

As far as the coach goes, what the hell was he thinking? The coach speaking to the press around the back of the principle while making contradictory statements defiantly got him fired (as it would at most private schools). The coach also needs to place being a role model and a Christan right up there with an effective offense and defense.

At no point do I think the winning team shouldn't have won, but the margin here was just ridiculous. When playing competitive games I always try to start out with my A-game, but if I've already run away with the score I cut back, otherwise I'd just be a sadistic jackass.
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I was beaten badly more than once (not 100-0 but no so far) but I remember one example vividly : when I was playing in a "leasure" volley-ball league we competed against a team composed of retired national players. They tore us to shreds.
I learned. The score was awful, but I learned tricks, positions, their vision of our mistakes. I learned and I had a blast to get blasted : we improved our game after that.
Loosing is part of the game, even if it's 100-0. If you don't want to loose, don't play.

And on a broader view : life is a 100-0 game. Shouldn't we prepare our kids to that?
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I mean, let's be honest, what was the winning team supposed to do? Just stand there and pretend they were playing while the other team scored? The school of special needs kids knew what they were doing when they engaged in competition with the other schools. They didn't want charity, they wanted to play and win with honor, if they could.
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I don't think the coach should have been fired but he should at least show some humility. It's one thing to beat the opposing team, it's quite another to act like an obnoxious fool. Couldn't he at least sat down the starters? Or just tell his team to back off a little. We have a 'win no matter what' attitude in this country and I quite frankly, find it a tad disturbing.
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I would think there would have to be something else about his behaviour to get him fired, but maybe he was a rude bastard.

School isn't all about preparing students for life. If it were, we should allow bullies to roam unchecked through the halls - sorry, kids but that's life, grow some balls. Bring your guns to school, kids; people use them in the real world.
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who cares if it was overkill! thats why its a sport!

when i played sports at school we got pwned a bunch of times and pwned other teams a bunch of times, its no big deal, it doesnt damage you for life or anything.

they were a better team, they won, thats the end of it.
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Like Robert Parry said, the other coach should have thrown in the towel. The winning coach should have asked the losing coach to throw in the towel (maybe he did, we don't know). If I was losing 59-0 at halftime I would have said, "OK, you win".
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You CAN win and still maintain class. That is clearly not what occurred here. The lesson of sports is not to crush your opponents in a humiliating fashion, rather it is to play, win or lose with dignity and even compassion.

These are not professional sports teams, or even collegiate sports teams wherein jobs and finances play a role; these are high school teams. There are life lessons beyond crush the weak that could, and should, be imparted.
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a couple of points i'd like to make

1) they hit 100 with 4 mins left in game. did the losing team all of the sudden start playing great defense? NO

2) at half time they were up by 59 and still was playing full court press defense

3) getting beat in girls basketball by 100 is not the same as getting beat in football 60-0. it would be the equivalent of getting beat 170-0 in football.

4) he didn't get fired because of the score, he was fired for insubordination
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What is this? This education system is what is wrong with our country. America is falling behind rapidly in intelligence of residents. And what the hell? Apologize for winning? When someone gets promoted, and you don't, does that mean that they apologize? Do CEO's apologize to hobos? It's another question whether the losing team should have forfeited (I think so).
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That the winning team's coach was fired for winning and NOT APOLOGIZING FOR IT (???) is absolutley the stupidest thing imaginable. The winning team won because they were the BETTER TEAM! Yay for them! And the coach gets fired for leading his team to victory because the other team wasn't as good? Total BS. This school adminsitration should be ashamed of themselves for firing this great coach. I hope he gets hired right away at a school that appreciates his talents and principles.
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I suppose then it is Christian to FIRE someone for doing their job during the worst financial crisis of our lifetime?

WTF. They need to get their heads out of their asses.
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So the better life lesson is to pummel people who weaker than you? And when you come across people in your field who you are vastly superior, you should bury them?

This is nothing to do with PC and everything to do with compassion. You may not apologize when someone doesn't get promoted and you do, but you could console them.

You've confused winning with treating others with dignity. According to your world view, The Germans defeated the Poles, so therefore they had the right to rape and pillage them, right? Of course, the Japs could sack Nanking, for the Chinese were weak willed losers who couldn't keep up. Bury them!

Duke led Maryland by 40 with twelve minutes left Saturday and could have won by 60, but they backed off and won by 41. So is Mike K a pussy by your account?

100-0 was unnecessary and could have been prevented, and it has more to do about a coach and some underlying issues he has about himself.

Was he a good coach or did he stumble upon some talented kids? I'll bet you never hear from this guy again.
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The coach shouldn't be fired. Who should be fired is the administration for letting this game happen in the first place. Dallas Academy is a school of 20 students. They have not won a game in 4 years. To allow them to play a large public school with a highly talented basketball team is a failure on the part of the administration.

I am really not sure how the winning team should have let up. Any alternative would have been MORE humiliating to the losing team in my opinion. Were the supposed to keep passing the ball around and let the other team chase it? Were they supposed to take pity and allow the other team some open shots?

As a former student-athlete, I would be so embarrassed that another team "let" me score.
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I saw an interview of the losing team on Sport Soup of all places and they were very gracious, taking it as an 'opportunity to learn' and hoping that they can soon 'get a point'. Seemed like they were more brainiacs as opposed to drooling idiots.
I thinks this bothers everybody but them. They seem to know they are not very good and would like everybody to shut up now.
Nothing like getting your ass kicked and then have EVERYBODY make a big deal about it.
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Did anyone read the official statement from Coach Grimes linked in the news article? He went through his coaching tactics in the game. Yes, he started with full court press but after the first three minutes of the game, he dropped down to a 2-3 zone. He has a roster of 8 girls so he could put in his "second strings" but even so, half his players on court will have been starters. He continually subbed players throughout the game but it's a strong team...they mentioned some games where players have been injured or fouled out and they finished the game with only 4 members and they still win.

His job was to coach, and he did his job. The girls were out there to play and they did theirs. As far as the lopsidedness... blame that more on who scheduled the season's competitions at the beginning of the year or who insists on having a severely slanted basketball division or who insists on keeping a Dallas Academy coach with a poor record of coaching. It does no good for Convenant to consistently win with no challenge and Dallas to consistently lose with no incentive to get better.

It's sad that nowadays playing to your potential gets you national scorn and scrutiny. The only thing this experience would teach the girls is that its better to be mediocre.
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Apparently when the score reached maybe 60-0, the coach should have told his team to just stop shooting. That way the winning team would feel stupid, the losing team would be humiliated even further, and the spectators would be bored and unsatisfied. Perhaps that's what's meant by "the Christian approach to competition."
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There are a number of reasons why we play sports. Sports can be fun, they help to keep our bodies in good physical condition, and they nurture our competitive nature. Let's face it, when we go into a game we go to win. That's the main goal (amongst others) of any sport. So when a team has created such a large spread that it's apparent there is no reasonable chance of a come-back, and there's simply not enough time left in the game, the game should be stopped.

This shouldn't be up to the coaches. We need to enforce good sportsmanlike conduct by enforcing a point-spread & time rule. The referee should be able to make a judgment call that has to be backed by the opinions of both of the team's coaches.

I think in this situation both teams would've agreed that continuing to play was no longer fun, competitive, or employing good sportmanship.
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From the articles, it doesn't appear that the losing team (Dallas Academy) did anything other than take their loss with good sportsmanship.

It was Covenant who wanted the coach to apologize, and it was Covenant that made the judgment call in this case.

Don't say that it's the fault of the kids or coaches at Dallas Academy if it is, in fact, not.

Part of the problem seems to be letting these teams compete against each other. It's like setting up an "B" level team against "AA." You'd -expect- the B team to get slaughtered.

In a game where you clearly outmatch your opponent, even if you feel you must win, it's important to win with grace. I don't get a sense that Covenant didn't win with grace and good sportsmanship, but I didn't see the game. It's really difficult to make that call without actually having been there.

The article also seems to imply that there's no rule for mercy/slaughter in girls basketball. Maybe I read that incorrectly, but based on that assumption, there really wasn't a structure for -providing- a "gentler" (?) out to the losing team.
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Covenant Academy was completely out of line in asking the coach to apologize for the win. Apparently, Dallas Academy does not have a strong team. That's not Covenant's responsibility.

If I lost a game and the winning side apologized to me I would be ashamed and feel bad for them. Apparently, the Covenant coach did not play his team the way he would have in a tournament. He took advantage of the situation to get court time for second stringers, backed off on defense, and did not engage in anything that could be considered obnoxious while winning.

I'm also sick of the attitude that we ALWAYS need to help those who are less skilled (not less abled) to succeed. It's incredibly annoying at work when I have to continually help the same losers over and over again with the same problem. They've come to expect the help and if I'm busy and can't jump fast enough they whine to my supervisor. Thankfully, my supervisor just listens and it goes no further than her letting me know which whiner was crying again.

If someone shows me how to do something new, I write down the instructions. Then I keep the instructions and refer back to them when I need help. But these losers feel they can't be bothered with that, I should just leap up and help them because, throughout their careers, someone has always helped or been made to help them.

It's called responsibility, people. Take it, own it, show it.
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To say, lay down and let the others catch up would be wrong but to continue to 100 is wrong too. why couldn't the coach at half time, realizing they were so far ahead and obviously dominant suggest a strategy where loosing the ball and tring to recover as practice for a game on more equal terms and humiliation is not a factor, a shutout is a slap in the face and kids can be cruel. firing, extreme, maybe a penalty of coach against team would teach this guy respect.

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I teach my 5-year old to do the best he can in anything he does. If he doesn't do well, I teach him not to pout or become upset but to learn about what he did and how he can do better. If he does better than other kids at something, I ensure that he doesn't gloat or rub it in their face but to be proud of his accomplishment and respect and honor those that tried hard as well.

IF I were the school then that would mean I would need to teach him to always do just below his best and to give others a chance. Sorry - that's not right either.

If the game should have been stopped, then perhaps the refs should have done something or talked with both coachs and come to a conclusion. Firing the coach doesn't teach the students in that school anything ... well maybe it teaches them to never try their best at anything.

It is a competetive environment out there in the "real world" - when companies are bidding on a project do you think they get all lovey dovey? NOT!

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I believe in competition, learning how to both win and lose gracefully. This is an extraordinary situation - having one team outclass its opponent to such an extreme degree is rare. In such a case, common sense and a sense of honor trump other concerns. When the score reached 40-0, wasn't it clear what was happening? To score another 60, 80, or 200 points only serves to make the winning team look shameful & crude. It's as hollow a victory as me beating my 5 year old son in a boxing match. Those who think the firing is political correctness run amok just don't get it.
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ok...i play basketball for my school in jr. high., & i was reading this artical..and i agree with everyone who said this is just plain crazy!...i mean i would never let my coach get away with telling me we should let the oppents catch up!...they came their to PLAY A GAME!!!...not too make fun of themm..and be so called "unsportsmanlike"!...they came and beat them...i guess the other team should have practiced more...i mean come on!....they came their too play a game...and they did!..and they won! my eyes
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i mean some ref talked too my coach for letting my team win 58 to coach stood up too him ..and girls came too play ball..and THEY DID!..SO BACK OFF!
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