Life in Penistone: Not as hard as you’d think

The International Herald Tribune has an article about "titillating" place-names in the UK. Of all the names mentioned, my favorite, I must confess, is Penistone in Yorkshire. From the article:
"It's pronounced 'PENNIS-tun,' " Fiona Moran, manager of the Old Vicarage Hotel in Penistone, said over the telephone, rather sharply. When forced to spell her address for outsiders, she uses misdirection, separating the tricky section into two blameless parts: "p-e-n" — pause — "i-s-t-o-n-e."

I've spent the past twenty minutes trying to come up with a great name for this post:

* Life in Penistone: Not as hard as you'd think ?

I'm sure that you guys can do much better.

Post your ideas in comments and I'll choose my favorite and rename the post accordingly.

[International Herald Tribune]

(Photo: Natalia Balcerska Photography - via Flickr Creative Commons)

Peniston - Honestly, we're not all d*cks here.

Newfoundland has a treasure trove of dirty and funny places names, like Dildo and Spread Eagle Bight (or Arm, I forget which). There's also places called Goobies, Horse Chops, Ha Ha Harbour, and Heart's Desire. And many, many more.

They're a wacky folk.....
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It's not Lupus!

Sorry, just had to say that. Been chain watching House episodes with a friend who still has to get caught up with the previous seasons.
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"Hard Times at Penistone High"

"The folks of Penistone lobby to change embarrassing town name. Welcome to New Bonerville!"

"Entire town of Penistone, UK moved to Italy... citizens insist it's pronounced Peni-ston'-eee."
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the actual story on the new york times has pictures. i don't know why it's not linked.
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-Penistone: stiff competition for best town name ever.
-Penistone: mightier than the sword.
-Penistone: a hard town is good to find.
-Penistone: actually, yes, we ARE glad to see you.
-Things are looking up in Penistone.
-A town that shrinks when it swims.
-A bulge on the Yorkshire map.
-My town is SO big...
-It's not the size of the census...
-When it comes to town names, this place got the shaft.
-Welcome to Penistone, bam chakka wawaa.
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I live just down the road in holmfirth in West Yorkshire..
Between a couple of local villages..Farnley Tyas an Thurstonland (!) is a 16th centuary milepost with it clearly spelt as 'Pennystone' some point i think maybe the village fathers thought this must have sounded cheap and decided to rename the place penistone....!
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1. Beer Nuts - the beginnings a serious genital disease.
2. Cotton Balls - Advanced stage of Beer Nuts.
3. Penistone - Metastasized Cotton Balls.
A sure death follows.
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