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A 100 Meter Long Photo

Simon Høgsberg, a freelance photographer based in Copenhagen, Denamrk, has taken a photo that is 100 meters long. There are 178 people in the photo and it was shot during a period of 20 days on a railroad bridge in Warschauer Straße in Berlin, Germany.

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Can't help but notice that the one clip you used out of the whole 100 meter long photo happened to feature the girl with by far the biggest boobs.

Of course... I would notice that.
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This is Berlin? Wut? Wow those are some weird styles! Indeed, what is with the fanny pack on the chest and those strange hair cuts?
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100 meters of Photoshopping? What does that even mean? It was stitched together from multiple photos taken over several days, if that's what you're inferring, but that information has already been given.

And I fail to see how this was staged. Just a patient photographer selecting the best of the subjects he shot over three weeks. Ever people-watch? People are indeed this fascinating if you take a few minutes to look at them.

All the contentious naysayers who insist that everything's fake are really starting to turn me off to the Internet.
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I love this! I wanted it to go on forever. It's completely fascinating, but why the title, "We're All Gonna Die"?

PS Love the the guy with the suit who's between Dora the Explorer, the chihuahua, and the guy in the vest.
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Ummmmmm, photographs are only two dimensional. Height and width. The is no "long" in a photograph. There is no depth in a normal photograph. Now the picture could be 100 Meters wide by doing what Wes said.
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I was only meaning that it does not seem real. The photos could be taken a completely different locations. There is no background at all. The whole thing just screams staged for me even though it may not.
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I love the guy flipping off the camera just past the pink tank girl. I'd file that under "things I wish I hadn't done now that the whole world can see".

Its a surprisingly long list personally...
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The girl with the big rack is one of the least attractive in the photo.

The most attractive in the photo is the girl walking next to the guy in the teal and brown plaid shirt measuring his manhood.

The second most attractive in the photo would go to the girl fixing her hair next to the guy fixing his pants away from the camera.
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