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What is it? Game 89

Hooray! It's time for our collaboration with the ever-awesome What is it? Blog. This week brings us this strange lookin' object. Can you guess what it is for?

Place your guess in the comment section - no prize this week, so you're playing for bragging rights only.

For more clues, check out the What is it? Blog! Good luck!

Update 1/24/09 - the answer is:
A tool used to remove carbon deposits from the gooves of a piston, patent number 1,768,692. Text on it reads: "Owatonna Tool Co. #840, Made in Owatonna, Minn. USA".

This is a ches' pont nimbler used in pastry and cake decorating. Oddly enough its use was banned in the Duchy of Moldavia because of a dream the Baroness had and related to her 2nd hairdresser, who fortold the Dukes demise at the hands of a Pastrey Cheof' armed with this instrument.

Oddly enough he was run over by a tank during military exercises, the corparal-chef who was in comand of the tank was named:....Chespont.
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Hmm, handling something, but no idea what.....
Would've said for cutting branches if the edges weren't dull...... uhm.. so I'll guess....

Tool for handling hot metal pipes? :P
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and elastrator...used to castrate least that's what the tool looked like on that tv show "dirty jobs" a while was soo gross!
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A tool for handling molten metal... should have a cup that holds the metal, then that clamps around the cup and you can pour it into a mold (or something).

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I think it is a set of metalsmithing tongs. We use something similar to transfer and quench our beakers during the casting process.

Lew may also be correct, they could be used to hold the crucible as well.

Can't wait to find out if I'm right!
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Maybe it's for handling logs in a fire place?
It just looks like tongs you can use for anything you need tongs for: hold something hot, remove a big bullet, deliver a baby, cut of a ball or two, stripping some leaves, pour some acid, pick your nose or a pocket. Great invention, tongs.
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I do believe that it's an old tool primarily used on the Irish holiday of St. Patrick's Day. When a person forgets or refuses to wear green, this tool is used for an extra-painful pinch.
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